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People have "call", Zhejiang hospital has "answer"! - Provincial Health Committee Member and Deputy director of sun Liming and other leaders came to i

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On the morning of June 11, Sun Liming, the Party member and vice director of Zhejiang Provincial Health Committee, Zhang Wanen, director of The Department of Maternal and Child Health and a first-level researcher, Lin Li, director of the Publicity Department, Niu Fangzheng, researcher of the Department of Cooperation and Exchange came to Sandun Campus of our hospital for investigation.

Party secretary Yan Jing, President Hong Chaoyang, vice President Huang Qing Dong, Jin Xiaoqing, Song Baishan and other leaders of relevant functional departments attended the survey meeting.

Intelligent medical treatment, West Lake model...


To assist the cooperative development of our hospital


Secretary Yan Jing made relevant report. , he pointed out, from entering the area the development of new era, the two couplet of hospital in the innovation of the medical mode, COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control work, international exchanges and cooperation, "geriatrics junior coalition" construction, advantage of key discipline construction, great progress has been made in the "up to run a" reform, the hospital keep trying, deepening, from the outpatient service one-stop service center to actively promote "two card, free net phone do" work and achieved remarkable results; Sandun Hospital had launched a new medical treatment mode -- the diagnosis and treatment center system. The "Once at most" version 2.0 has been created with the diagnosis and treatment center system mode of brain center, rehabilitation medical center, orthopedic center, women and children friendly Medical Center, heart center, chest pain Center, etc. A variety of black technology, information means to help patients to see a doctor "run at most"... All kinds of measures are devoted to improving patients' medical experience.

Secretary Yan Jing pointed out that the hospital was committed to the creation of the wisdom hospital, to build fully digital operating room, the introduction of auxiliary diagnosis of artificial intelligence, cool black hair robots enter pharmacy medicine science and technology, logistics car shuttling back and forth on the orbit, the artificial intelligence robot + terminal into outpatient and ward, adhering to the "courtyard then" advanced concepts of medical simulation center put into use. During the epidemic, we gave full play to the advantages of "Internet-based hospitals" and launched "cloud-based renewal service and drug delivery service". Among provincial hospitals, we were the first to launch internet-based referral service for provincial-level medical insurance dispensing service. China pioneered the "electronic escort certificate" and strictly implemented the "one patient one escort". The first to launch the "pre-diagnosis robot", so that outpatient doctors can understand the situation of patients with appointment through big data on the Internet... Under the unremitting efforts and innovation, the smart hospital continues to take off.

Yan Jing also elaborated on the west Lake model. He said that our hospital has been committed to creating a new model of medical care, the relatively stable acute stage or patients in need of a variety of medical care after treatment in a third-class hospital to primary medical institutions, so that patients can get a continuous high-quality diagnosis and treatment process. In this way, patients will not be stuck in the third-class hospitals where beds are scarce, and will not go home without follow-up rehabilitation treatment. In the second half of 2017, and lake the signed custody lake the combine traditional Chinese and western medicine in our hospital, implement "ward medical hosting, outpatient service priority support" mode, establish service forms including late respiratory care ward (RCW), acute care ward (PAC), acute integrated ward and three tube the patient rehabilitation and long-term care, hospice palliative care ward health care and service mode. "Grade A standard ward" is set up in the community hospital, which integrates community rehabilitation, medical care integration and hosptional care organically to form a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment mode featuring "primary treatment, two-way referral and up-down linkage". Get through the last kilometer of integrated medical care and health services, and get a good social reputation. Now, the "West Lake model" has begun to show results and deepen the promotion.

Huge potential for development

People have "call", Zhejiang hospital has "answer"

Li-ming sun line carefully listened to the solitude of the report, she spoke highly of our hospital in actively implement the provincial WeiJianWei related deployment, solid promote reform and development of "1 + 5" uphill battle, deepening the reform of "up to run a" comprehensive, expansion of new health reform efforts and innovation, and she said the hospital is a history, culture and innovation spirit, has the development potential of the hospital, in the fight against COVID - 19 during outbreaks, zhejiang hospital has made a great contribution, embodies the bear.

Sun Liming put forward three hopes and requirements to our hospital:

First, continue to give play to the advantages of disciplines, and further expand and strengthen the health care work of cadres. Zhejiang Hospital has an excellent tradition and historical inheritance, and has made great achievements in the health care of cadres. We hope to continue to make some achievements and develop steadily.

Second, continue to promote the mechanism, system innovation, walk in the forefront of hospital reform. The establishment of the "West Lake model" and the establishment of the "geriatric specialist Alliance" are all manifestations of the innovative ability of Zhejiang Hospital. Modern society, the aging trend obviously, pension problem is the problem that various medical institutions must consider, zhejiang hospital innovation model, execute and create the first "model" west lake, has constructed the city hospital - seamless referral between community - family pension mode, it is an effective exploration and has made significant progress. With the improvement of living standard, people more and more is also high to the requirement of pension, the combination of the institutions endowment and community endowment will be a new trend, hospitals in zhejiang province is to continue to play to the advantages of professional organizations and special skills, positive, explore the new mode of pension, let people enjoy 3 armour hospital services at home, and in turn promote the development of relevant professional and discipline.

Third, continue to innovate medical treatment model. Zhejiang Hospital pioneered the diagnosis and treatment center system, which is a new exploration and practice of hospital innovation, reflecting the concept of modern hospital management and patient-centered concept, as well as the development direction of modern hospitals. Such exploration is of great value and significance. With the development of digitization and informatization of hospitals, the innovation of refined management and mode can continuously improve the sense of acquisition and happiness of patients. At the beginning of the construction of Sandun Hospital, there was no pediatrics department or obstetrics department. The surrounding people strongly called for the establishment of these departments. Zhejiang Hospital listened to the voice of the people in time, adjusted the design scheme, and opened departments that the people urgently needed. This is the responsibility and exploration of an innovative hospital. It is also hoped that the hospital will continue to maintain the ability of exploration and innovation, provide more intimate services for patients, and continuously improve patients' medical experience.

The participants listened carefully to Sun Liming's speech and exchanged ideas. Yan Jing said that the hospital will seriously understand the implementation of the deployment of the Provincial Health Commission, the provincial Health Commission's affirmation and trust, is the hospital's continuous progress and development. Next, we will actively develop edge discipline, to push the reform and innovation of mechanism, promote the hospital construction, and wisdom will make "mode of the west lake" in zhejiang province medical maintenance, integration, benchmarking to continue leading up to run a "reform, improve the patient's experience, for patients in a satisfactory answer, submitted to the Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission satisfaction report card!