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Prosperity! SHEN Xin, SONG Baishan and other comrades won the honorary title of Outstanding Communist Party members

Author: 网站管理员  Hits: 552 Time: 2020-08-07

This year marks the 99th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China, to establish a benchmarking, carry forward the healthy atmosphere, give play to the role of the typical demonstration, the Chinese communist party committee, Zhejiang province, the work committee of departments under the CPC Zhejiang provincial committee, committee for the departments under the CPC health select committee, Zhejiang province outstanding touching the deeds, outstanding achievements, outstanding communist party member, party workers and party organization. At a conference held on July 22, our honor, to the excellent party member, outstanding party workers and the honorary title of individuals and organizations to carry on the recognition of the party organization, party secretary of YAN Jing, dean of HONG Chaoyang, deputy director ZHANG Hong, HUANG Jingdong, JIN Xiaoqing, discipline inspection commission secretary HE Xiaobo, vice dean SONG Baisha, chief financial officer ZHAO Weiqun gave prizes to the winners.