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Zhejiang Hospital holds 2020 Annual Training class for Party cadres

 Hits: 569 Time: 2020-08-29

In order to further consolidate the foundation of party building work of zhejiang hospital party branch and improve the level of party building work of party cadres, zhejiang hospital held the 2020 annual party cadre training class in jinhua on August 28, solstice 29. Jinhua WeiJianWei zhi-jian xu, director of the secretary of the party committee, party committee, deputy director of the Wang Feibao, Zhou Guobiao, solitude, party secretary of zhejiang hospital, vice President of the party committee member, huang, building things, Chen jin, deputy director of cadres health care center of zhejiang province party committee members, zhejiang hospital dean assistant li-jiang tang, assistant dean Wan Shu, jinhua fifth hospital (hospital of zhejiang jinhua branch secretary of the party committee Zhu Shuqin, vice secretary of party committee, dean Wang Jianguang and all the leaders, pinghu city first people's hospital (hospital of zhejiang pinghu branch) medical party committee member, deputy dean Jin Zhifa body, Lu Yonghua, member of the Party Committee and vice President of Medical community of Kaihua County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Zhejiang Hospital Kaihua Branch) attended; More than 120 party cadres from Zhejiang Hospital and more than 50 party cadres from Pinghu, Kaihua and Jinhua branch attended the meeting.

15 experts from respiratory medicine, brain, cardiovascular internal medicine, high blood pressure, endocrinology, digestive internal medicine, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, anorectal surgery, rehabilitation medicine, acupuncture, narcotic pain, ultrasound diagnostics division, radiology department of Zhejiang hospital serviced more than 300 people in jinhua city hospital (hospital of zhejiang jinhua branch). Party members give free medical treatment to the true feelings and promote the new trend of Party construction.

Zhi-jian Xu, director of the health committee, secretary of the party committee of Jinhua delivered a speech, he said, the medical cooperation given high quality medical resources from zhejiang hospital, under the support of jinhua fifth hospital of medical and health service level and the comprehensive management ability significantly increased, the overall development of hospital construction level obviously improved, jinhua people at home have the exquisite medical service quality of provincial experts. To that end, he represents the city WeiJianWei of zhejiang hospital has been for their support and help, thank, sincerely looking forward to expanding areas of cooperation and cooperation, build a model of cooperation for the medical city and even the whole model, and boost healthy construction of jinhua, benefit the masses of the people in the city, jinhua city WeiJianWei also will continue to boost cooperation, the two for jinhua fifth hospital innovation and development to build a more positive good external environment.

Jing Yan, the party secretary of Zhejiang hospital made the speech of "to strengthen the party leading, as the important window power contribution to the organization as a whole the epidemic prevention and control, seeks the new pattern of" difference "quality development" party class, he said, in the field of health play a proper role in the construction of "important window", should be insisted on politics and, strengthen the party leading, build defenses, construction of a clean hospital, decisive, "winning two games" also require party member comrade contrast "important window" to find a gap, dare to grasp the implementation, and the construction of party branch to the new measures are put forward. Finally, Yan Jing said that it was necessary to enhance the window awareness, strengthen the responsibility of the window, set up the standard of the window, and mark the "four can". Everyone should step by step and do a solid job, resolutely shoulder the responsibility of "three Windows and one window", and greet the centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China with excellent achievements.

The cadres participated in the training of party have said, the training improved the  theory, the learning and training and ability quality greatly, also harvested in training a lot of valuable lessons can be drawn lessons from, will be in the training as an opportunity to use new ideas, new methods and new style research solve prominent problems in practice, cogent accomplish to practice, promote the hospital each work innovation and improvement.

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