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Enhance Cultural Confidence and Carry Forward Traditional Medicine - Visit from KU Leuven, Belgium

 Hits: 1406 Time: 2020-11-02

       24 teachers and students majoring in medicine and biomedicine from KU Leuven (Belgium) visited our hospital for study. Yang Li, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, arranged a special session for in-depth exchange and communication on TCM, Chinese herbs, acupuncture and massage.

KU Leuven is the most prestigious university in Belgium, one of the top ten elite universities in Europe, and a world-class, leading research university. It ranks at the world-leading level in many fields. In the 2017 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, it ranked the 38th in medicine and the 35th in pharmacology.

To fulfill the visiting group's strong interests in TCM culture, we introduced all departments associated with massage, acupuncture, TCM, and Chinese herbs one by one.

First of all, Deputy Director Zheng Shengming of the Massage Department introduced the development history of traditional Chinese medical massage, major schools of traditional Chinese medical massage and their characteristics, representative techniques, and auxiliary tools, respectively.

       Live demonstration of various techniques, including pushing manipulation with one finger, rolling manipulation, rubbing manipulation, and the use of mulberry branch sticks, made them practically feel the charm of traditional Chinese medical massage!

       Jin Yuanyuan, attending physician of the Acupuncture Department, explained the theoretical basis, treatment characteristics, and operating skills of acupuncture and moxibustion therapy.

After the explanation, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, auricular points, and other TCM acupuncture and moxibustion techniques were demonstrated on the spot. During the demonstration, the students were enthusiastic, actively asked to experience and learn these therapies, and consulted Teacher Jin on the manipulation technique, principle, and efficacy.

Teacher Jin patiently explained the manipulation techniques and answered the questions of students, committed to telling good acupuncture stories and highlighting acupuncture characteristics, which was conducive to establish a multi-level international TCM education exchange and cooperation and build a new card for TCM cultural exchange.

Dr. Ren Xuanxuan from the Department of Internal Medicine of TCM introduced the basic concepts of TCM, such as the holistic view and the syndrome differentiation and treatment view, and elaborated the commonly used TCM therapies; then she selected 11 prescriptions from more than 30 cipher prescriptions commonly used in this department for detailed introduction and presentation: "Qinghou Liyan Powder" for the treatment of acute and chronic pharyngitis; "Shuangjiang Powder" can lower blood glucose and blood lipid, as well as blood pressure; small pills can exert strong effects, where "Fuzheng Umbilical Patch" invigorates qi and warms yang, and after long-term use, it can enhance immunity; "Tongfu Umbilical Patch" relieves abdominal distension, boosts intestinal peristalsis, and relieves constipation... 

       After the explanation, the students surrounded the doctor, scrambling to ask questions. Many students handed the "Anshen Biwen Powder", some experienced the "Fuzheng Umbilical Patch", and some even asked to try the "Qinghou Liyan Powder" and "Shuangjiang Powder". In this extremely lively scene, TCM was no longer so mysterious.

Su Huili, a TCM pharmacist of the TCM Pharmacy, briefly introduced the history and modern application of TCM, from the composition of medicinal materials to quality control, so that foreign students can learn our TCM from multiple aspects. 

Then she led them to take part in the activity of perfumed medicine bags DIY, so they can get access to TCM culture from vision, touch, and smell. Everyone was still lingering around after completing this link. Wearing their self-made perfumed medicine bags, they visited the TCM Pharmacy on the spot and discussed the processing of medicinal materials and the source of rare medicinal materials with the teachers of the Pharmacy.

In the end, we took photos altogether. We hope that TCM culture can be learned and loved by more countries and people through this group of excellent visitors.


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