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Symposium on traditional medicine -- Zhejiang Hospital & Charité Medical University Online Seminar on traditional medicine

 Hits: 849 Time: 2021-09-10

At 3 p.m. Beijing time on September 1, 2021, the traditional Chinese medicine team of Zhejiang hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University and the natural therapy team of Charlotte Medical University discussed traditional medicine.

Charlotte Medical University (charité) is one of the world's famous medical universities. It is a joint organization of the former Humboldt University and Free University. It has four affiliated hospitals, more than 100 medical departments, four kindergartens, more than 4000 specialists, 260 senior professors, more than 4000 nursing staff, and a group of 300 century old historical buildings. Half of the German Nobel laureates are medical experts and physiologists in Berlin, who have brought brilliant achievements to Berlin's previous medical research. The natural therapy team of Charlotte Medical University is engaged in natural therapy and the combination of traditional and Western medicine, and believes that it is very meaningful to use the treatment elements in the traditional medical system. Because the main purpose of natural therapy is the strategy of preventing and promoting health and the treatment concept of self-healing efficacy, it plays a core role in the treatment of patients. Through clinical practice and research, it will contribute to the further development and application of evidence-based natural therapy and integrated traditional and Western medicine.

The traditional Chinese medicine team of Zhejiang hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University includes five departments: Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, traditional Chinese medicine room and oncology department. It has been established since its establishment in 1954, with rich diagnosis and treatment experience and a long inheritance history. The team departments have "Zhejiang key discipline of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine geriatrics", "Zhejiang key specialty of traditional Chinese medicine osteoporosis" and "Zhejiang Jinxiao Qingming traditional Chinese medicine studio", and actively carry out the integrated treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

At this meeting, the two sides had a preliminary communication and understanding, and reached a consensus on integrated medical diagnosis and treatment based on traditional medicine. Based on the idea of integrated medicine, it focuses on the themes of traditional medicine, health promotion, prevention, nature and health, "the patient is the doctor and the doctor is his partner", and actively carries out non-invasive natural intervention methods. The foreign side, especially in the TCM diagnosis and treatment intervention of tumor patients, has great interest, hopes to carry out in-depth cooperation in this regard, and says that a conventional remote consultation and communication mode can be established. At the same time, the two sides agreed to carry out in-depth cooperation modes such as mutual visits, academic exchanges and co construction of studios after the epidemic situation is stable.