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Zhejiang Hospital signed a framework cooperation agreement with Charité Medical University in Germany

 Hits: 822 Time: 2021-09-08

In order to better carry out medical cooperation and expand international vision, Zhejiang hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University, as a partner of Zhejiang science and Technology Association, recently renewed the framework cooperation agreement with Charité Medical University (a joint organization of Berlin Free University and Humboldt University) in Germany.

In order to promote cooperation in medical education, joint scientific research and medical services, all parties will carry out exchanges and cooperation in medical teaching, knowledge transformation, training, research and other fields in the future. Cooperation activities include but are not limited to personnel exchange, cooperative scientific research and paper publication, official mutual visits, international conferences, etc.

Charité Medical University (Charité) is one of the world's famous medical universities. It is a joint organization of the former Humboldt University and the Free University. There are 4 affiliated hospitals, more than 100 specialized medical departments, 4 kindergartens, about 4000 specialists, 260 senior professors, more than 4000 nursing staff, and a group of 300 century old historical buildings. Half of the German Nobel laureates are medical experts and physiologists in Berlin, who have brought brilliant achievements to Berlin's previous medical research. The medical teaching building of Charlotte Medical University has human natural physiology, basic medical research and teaching and famous brain Neuromedicine. So far, medical researchers from more than 80 countries have carried out research in Charlotte Medical University, and more than 4000 research projects and topics are being implemented. Charlotte Medical University has more than 7000 registered students. In order to cultivate and promote young and promising medical students, the college awards scholarships every year.

At present, the Chinese Academy has established contacts with the International Department of Charlotte Medical University on traditional medicine, brain science and other fields, and reached a preliminary consensus. It is expected to conduct in-depth communication in the form of seminars in the second half of the year. Medical cooperation with Charlotte Medical University will help our college better integrate with the world-class medical level and build a medical peak.