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"Science + cafe" talk about the new concept of surgical medicine training in the future

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With the continuous development of information technology, today's medicine is facing an all-round upgrade. In addition to the fields of diagnosis, treatment and pharmacy, great changes have taken place in today's medical education.

On January 16, the "Science + cafe" activity with the theme of "looking into the future science" was held in Hangzhou fengma in theater. Wang Zhifei, chief doctor of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, and Derya Rostowski, an intern of Zhejiang hospital, shared the new technologies, new applications and new ideas of surgical medical training at present, and shared its future development trend. The event was jointly organized by Zhejiang science and Technology Association, Zhejiang hospital and other units, and was broadcast online to the public through Netease and other platforms, with more than 340000 viewers.

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According to relevant data, at least 5 billion patients in the world cannot obtain various safe surgical treatment for various reasons, resulting in a gap of up to 2.2 million surgeons. However, the traditional training time for surgeons is very long, and it is necessary to train a surgeon with excellent surgical skills. Especially for doctors who master the skills of intelligent robot and minimally invasive surgery, it will take 10-15 years. In the future, this time will be greatly shortened with the help of VR, AR, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and other technologies. Interns using 3D virtual technology and simulated surgery training robot to learn surgical skills will also become the development trend of modern surgery.

As a medical student, Derya is practicing for 4 months in Sandun District of Zhejiang hospital. At present, the rotation department is plastic surgery. She introduced the relevant characteristics of medical training in German medical college to the audience, focusing on the changes made by German medical education in the face of future medical development. At the same time, she also introduced her study and experience in China. She said that thanks to the new technology, people enjoy safer and more efficient surgery. In the context of the rapid development of medicine, peers all over the world should expand their knowledge through continuous sharing and exchange, so as to make the world a better place.