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TCM Masters Gather at West Lake to Discuss Inheritance and Innovation of TCM

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From October 23 to 26, 2020, the 13th National Academic Annual Conference of Clinical Traditional Chinese Medicine sponsored by the China Association of Chinese Medicine, and co-organized by the Branch of Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the China Society of Chinese Medicine, our hospital and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, was held in Zhejiang Hotel on the bank of West Lake in Hangzhou. A total of 281 experts and scholars, young teachers and graduate student representatives from 66 institutions including TCM colleges and universities and universities with TCM major, medical colleges and other research institutions, and medical institutions attended the conference.

Professor Yan Jing, Secretary of the Party Committee of our hospital, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Secretary Yan introduced that our hospital is a Grade-III Class-A general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care, and a multi-center modern integrated green hospital and smart hospital with distinct discipline characteristics, advanced equipment and management concepts. In addition, Chinese medicine business of our hospital was quite distinctive. Led by Director Wan Xiaoqing, all the staff of the TCM dispensary practiced the working concept of "serving to the best of our ability, and good medicine helps the mass", by establishing a "Xiaoyi Sister TCM School", and performing plenty of pharmaceutical service and TCM culture communication work. Secretary Yan warmly welcomed the present guests and representatives and wished this annual conference a complete success.

At the conference themed on the Inheritance and Innovation of Clinical TCM Research Teaching and Medical Practice, invited experts make great presentations, such as "Medicinal Properties, Efficacy and Safety, Vigilance" by Zhang Bing, Professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, "Innovative Research and Practice of Chinese Medicine and Health" by Professor Qin Luping, Dean of School of Pharmacy, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, "Study on the Law of Transdermal Permeability Promoting Action of Volatile Oil from Traditional Chinese Medicine based on Property Characteristics" by Chen Jun, Professor of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,"Construction and Practice of the Research Technology System of Chinese Medicinal Flavor" by Cui Ying, Professor of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, "Study on Anti-aging and Anti-HCMV Active Ingredients of Traditional Chinese Medicine Based On Regulating Mitochondrial Biosynthesis" by Professor Mao Genxiang, Executive Deputy Director of the Geriatrics Research Institute of Zhejiang Hospital, and "Research and Application of Huoxiang Suling Shuanghua Drink, an Anti-epidemic Product Based on the Theory of Aromatic Medicinal Properties" by Zhang Jianjun, Professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Moreover, other ten experts including Hao Erwei, Professor of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine, Professor Li Zhenhao from Longvity Valley Botanical Co., Ltd., Professor Chen Yanqing from Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine also delivered rich academic reports, winning the applause of attendants. In particular, our Traditional Chinese Medicine has make significant contributions to this prevention and fight against the epidemic, which has made all of us proud. "Inherit the essence, keep integrity and innovation",the revitalization of Traditional Chinese medicine is on the way!


This conference also opened a teaching forum where experts from six institutions including Zhejiang University of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine made presentations to share their experience, and they had interactive exchanges with the teachers attending the meeting on the spot. At following youth forum, young teachers and graduate representatives from other 10 universities including Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Guangdong Pharmaceutical University to share and communicate relevant research achievements in this field.


Professor Gao Xuemin, honorary chairman of the Branch of Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the China Society of Chinese Medicine, spoke highly of the success of the conference as it offer us a platform for communication and an academic feast to broaden research ideas, improve teaching level, and enrich clinical experience. As scheduled, the most difficult academic annual meeting since the establishment of the Branch was completed perfectly.


On the afternoon of 25th, with organizing committee of the conference as the organizer, Director Wan Xiaoqing led some delegates to visit our hospital. The Sandun Campus of our hospital, as a multi-center modern comprehensive green hospital and smart hospital with advanced instruments and equipment, advanced management concept, has won praises from delegates for its modern intelligent medical system.