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[warm medicine] warm medicine, warm people, warm heart - the interpretation of "warm medicine" by zhejiang doctors in green mountains and rivers

Author: 网站管理员  Hits: 15207 Time: 2019-12-09

"Improving the medical service and patients experience-warm medical" "Improving the medical service and patients experience-warm medical" that "warm medicine"  one hundred - day action, representing that the two campuses are working together for a high-speed development of the new starting point of all the ZheYi people, from different angles to interpret the connotation of "warm medical" action. We continue to dig deeper into the connotation of medical services, continue to improve the medical experience, start from the medical technology, service, culture and other dimensions, continue to innovate the medical service model, provide high-quality services for patients, and strive to improve patients' satisfaction with medical treatment and people's sense of health.


On December 1, zhejiang hospital labor union held the "warm doctor" cup qingshan lake green road activity in qingshan lake in order to combine "warm doctor" 100-day action, enhance staff cohesion, enhance communication among staff, promote team building, promote hospital culture construction, and promote the activity spirit of "big family" with "small movement".


It is early winter in hangzhou. The sky is drizzling and the winter is chilly. However, colleagues' enthusiasm has resisted the cold current. More than 250 employees participated in this yixing activity.


Vice chairman of the trade union of Zhejiang hospital Xu Ying presided over the opening ceremony of the brief, union literary style committee member Ren Min mentioned in his speech, zhejiang hospital to carry out the "warm medical" one hundred - day action, warm medical has three meanings, one is warm patients, 2 it is warm to others, the third is warm employees, trade unions to relax the mood, enhance employee well-being and physical quality, improve team cohesion and held many activities, as a world AIDS day, 32 trailwalking activities especially meaningful, together with steps for measuring qingshan lake, as the "ai" action, "yi".


There were 3KM and 8KM for yixing. You could choose your destination according to the actual situation. Qingshan lake on a rainy day, with a taste, pine and bamboo forests, misty clouds, picturesque redwood panoramic view. We were not affected by the weather at all, but were attracted by the picturesque scenery, which really answered the sentence "trees grow in the water, ships walk in the forest, birds sing in the branches, people walk in the painting". Everyone was in high spirits. The activity proceeded in an orderly manner. In the picturesque qingshan lake, the staff enjoy the fun of walking, while laughing about the fun of work and life, not to forget the picturesque scenery and this group of lovely zhejiang doctors stay in their own camera. With swift and vigorous steps, we walked out of the vitality and vitality of zhejiang doctors.


Pleasures are movement in the nature beauty, at the same time, let the principle of ecology, environmental protection, health, sports, the full implementation of "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" five development idea, the important measures for full display ZheYi good spirit, to carry out the "warm medical" one hundred - day action, participate in worker said to bring this spirit to work in the future, don't forget the beginner's mind, self-motivated, with a more robust physique, more exquisite technology, high quality service for the health to make new contributions.