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The mobilization meeting of the National Natural Science Foundation of China for 2022 was held

 Hits: 776 Time: 2021-11-05

In the afternoon of October 28, the hospital held a mobilization meeting for the declaration of the National Natural Science Foundation of China for the year 2022. President Chen Jun, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee He Xiaobo, leaders of various disciplines, reserve discipline leaders, discipline backbone, personnel who declared NSF this year and doctoral personnel, etc. nearly 200 people attended the meeting, which was hosted by Vice President Huang Jun.

Chen Jun summarized the achievements of the hospital in recent years in the process of fund declaration and proposed that the relevant departments should raise awareness, actively organize, pay close attention to implementation and take immediate action to encourage young researchers to make early preparations and actively participate in the declaration of the National Youth Fund, and said that the hospital will further increase investment and make up for the shortcomings by providing supporting policies and measures for attracting and using talents in the hospital to further improve the project approval rate.

The mobilization meeting invited Professor Ke Yuehai, Vice President of the Institute of Science and Technology of Zhejiang University, who has rich experience in fund application, to give a lecture. He explained in detail the key points of NSF declaration, evaluation and bid writing, shared his experience in the selection of research topics, innovation points and other aspects of declaration, and made practical and effective suggestions. His vivid language and detailed content not only attracted the audience to listen carefully, but also aroused their enthusiasm to ask questions on the spot, and the atmosphere was warm.

Written by Tian Yan, Department of Science and Education