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Meticulous Thoughts and Enquiring Minds, Practice Earnestly—“The 2022 National Geriatric Nursing Talents Training Program” of Our Hospital Successfully Concluded

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  On July 18, 2022, the Geriatric Nursing Training Base of our hospital affiliated to the Medical School of Zhejiang University received received Phase II 22 trainees for national geriatric nursing talent program, within the period, the requirements from The Notice about Accomplishing the Relevant Work in Geriatric Talents Training in 2022 issued by the Aging Health Division of the Provincial Health Commission were actively implemented, and the one-month nursing training task was successfully completed on August 16 by integrating theory with practice.

The 22 trainees of this period come from 7 cities of Zhejiang Province, and they are coming from different medical institutions including Class III hospitals, Class II hospitals, fundamental level hospitals and nursing institutions. In order to ensure the quality of the training, the geriatrics department of our hospital has carefully designed the curriculum framework and formulated the training program according to the strong support of the nursing department and the requirements of the training program. There are colorful teaching projects, such as concentrated theoretical teaching by famous teachers in the hospital, experience scenario simulation for the elderly, new clinical technology operation observation, comprehensive evaluation technology practice for the elderly, specialized outpatient learning, and participation in teaching ward rounds of medical groups, to ensure that the students' geriatric nursing service concept and skills are comprehensively improved.

Through 4 weeks of training, 22 nursing trainees systematically learned the core knowledge and skills of geriatric nursing related theories, geriatric comprehensive assessment, syndrome safety management, case management, discharge preparation service and hospice care; all the students successfully completed the learning tasks such as theory and skill assessment and case report.

    At the graduation ceremony, Liu Caixia, director of the nursing department, Xu Saizhu, deputy director of the nursing department, Gao Hongbo, Chen Lingyan, head nurse of the geriatric department, congratulated the nursing students on their successful completion. Liu Caixia, director of the nursing department, affirmed the work and training results, and placed high hopes on the nursing work in the future. Liu Caixia pointed out that the nursing staff are particularly important in actively responding to the construction of the population aging system, and the rapid development of the elderly health work on the elderly nursing discipline has also put forward higher requirements, and she hoped that through this training, the trainees could change the concept of geriatric care, bring what they have learned back to the hospitals at all levels, integrate them well in their work, and provide the best health care and medical services for the elderly patients.

    Altrainees said that through this training, they had learned the theoretical knowledge and core skills of geriatrics and nursing combined with medical and nursing care, and they could better participate in the "healthy aging" nursing service work in the future. They hoped that they could have more opportunities to participate in such training in the future.

    The trainee He Meihua said that she cherished this precious learning opportunity. Although she had only been to the geriatric department of our hospital for one month, she was deeply impressed by the multidisciplinary team management and had a change in philosophy. What is important is to evaluate and dispose of the elderly syndrome and improve the quality of life of the elderly.

The trainee Ye Yan expressed the honor to participate in the 2022 National Geriatric Talent Training Program. She was very grateful to the Aging Department of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission for building a learning platform, and was grateful to our hospital for carefully setting up rich courses and diversified practice teaching.During the one-month study in our hospital, I had a new understanding of geriatric nursing and discipline construction, and also had a deeper understanding of life. This training and learning will play an important role in guiding grassroots hospitals to carry out geriatric medicine-related work in the future. In the future, we should not only reduce the pain of patients through professional medical technology, but also give humanistic care to patients and their families.   

The trainee Shen Zhengyan said that just one month of practical study has made her understand the development trend of geriatrics, and mastered the assessment content and nursing points of the common diseases in the elderly. Various workshops and hospice care related experience have broadened her horizon, increased her knowledge and improved her professional quality.    This training program helps the students to have a systematic review and a deeper understanding of the professional knowledge of geriatric nursing, and promote the nursing exchanges between hospitals; to improve the teaching, make progress together, and greatly improve the teaching level of our hospital. The geriatric nursing training base of our hospital will not forget its original aspiration, forge ahead, and make continuous efforts to reserve professionals for the development of geriatric nursing in Zhejiang Province!

    Copy-writing/Xie Yanhong and Lou Gaobo from The Geriatric Department