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We have joined hands with Zhejiang University to embark on a new journey of cooperation.

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In order to further improve our overall strength, and constantly satisfy the demand for high quality medical service, the broad masses to adapted to the important window that construction of high level of quality first-class hospital, December 29th, we were cooperation with zhejiang university," Zhejiang Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine "officially listed in our Sandun campus.

Wu Zhaohui, President of Zhejiang University; Zhang Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission; Yu Xinle, Member of the Party Committee and Vice Director of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission; Zhou Tianhua, Vice President of Zhejiang University and Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University School of Medicine; Li Xiaoming, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University and Executive Vice President of the School of Medicine; Lin Jie, Director of Office of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission; Huang Feng, Director of Planning, Development and Information Department; Zhang Chunli, Director of Financial Audit Department; Chen Xudong, Deputy Director of Medical Administration, Medical Management and Drug Policy Department (in charge of the work); Jiang Nan Yan, Director of Science and Education Department; Hospital management, zhejiang university, school of medicine, deputy secretary of party committee, director of the office Xia Biao springs, deputy director of the office of the hospital management Dai Huifen, school of medicine, deputy party secretary Guo-zhong Chen, vice director of office of hospital management, Hu Jun, director of the school of medicine as well as our party and government leadership and middle-level cadres to participate in the ceremony.

We join hands with Zhejiang University to embark on a new journey of cooperation

The hospital was founded in 1954, after 66 years of hardships, with the core values of "Good character and Precision", inheriting the lofty mission of "for the public health, for the well-being of the staff", and constantly pioneering, innovative, pragmatic and enterprising. Under the efforts of several generations, the hospital scale expands unceasingly, now developed into diagnosis and treatment of disease of heart head blood-vessel, leader of emergency and critical care medical advantage disciplines continues to develop, innovation subject, multicenter, multidisciplinary coordinated development of new technology, new projects across the development level of first-class comprehensive hospital, for the medical health reform and development has accumulated rich experience.

In recent years, under the correct leadership of superior leadership, the hospital based on the party lead the business, and stronger clinical discipline, do hard medical technology, do the hospital management, to do fine medical services, actively explore the reform of the "up to run a" concept, method and mechanism through the hospital each work, effective integration of high quality medical resources, build cities - seamless referral between community - family "mode of the west lake", through the medical maintenance, integration services, "the last kilometer", and better meet the medical and health services needs of older patients. On June 28, 2018, Zhejiang geriatric medical center, Sandun district of our hospital, was put into operation, opening a new era of "smart hospital", improving patients' medical experience with information medical technology, and further enhancing patients' satisfaction and sense of gain.

The "Zhejiang Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine" was officially, we will speed up to build medical highland Yangtze river delta, China's first demonstration area construction health, according to the agreement, the two sides will strengthen the close strategic relationship, in the education teaching, discipline construction and scientific research, talent team construction and so on, especially in creating new medical heights, foster new medical talents, form a new medical achievements deepen cooperation, actively explore new development model of integration, for the high level and high quality construction of "health" of zhejiang "healthy China" to contribute.

On the opening ceremony, Yan said the partnership marks the hospital development entering a new historical period, marked the our cooperation with the domestic first-class colleges took a significant step, our hospital will tightly grasp the development opportunities and, for those routes, adhere to the "patient-centered" service concept, to promote the hospital management, accelerate the construction of disciplines, talent team, strive to built cooperation during the period of aging, and other countries and regional medical center at provincial and ministerial levels, explore in the field of several major disease diagnosis and occupy the strategic high ground, gradually formed a global reputation of specialist medical heights; Achieving new breakthroughs in medical level, scientific research achievements, discipline construction and teaching quality, and highlighting the role of Zhejiang medicine as an "important window" of health in Zhejiang Province!

Director Zhang Ping said that next year, we will enter the important period of 14th Five-Year Development and start a new journey of building a modern socialist country. This is a significant signing at this important juncture of history.

First, we have entered a new stage of high-quality development. Our hospital is also a general hospital with a history of 66 years and has a relatively strong strength, especially in geriatrics and critical care medicine. With the support and energy of Zhejiang University, our college will surely enter a new era of high-quality development.

Second, it reflects the "promote the expansion and regional layout of quality medical resources" proposed at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee. After our hospital becomes the affiliated hospital of the School of Medicine of Zhejiang University, we will definitely expand the high-quality medical resources in Zhejiang Province and play a positive role in enlarging and strengthening the high-quality medical resources.

Third, it reflects the development orientation of collaborative innovation of medical education and research. As a high-level hospital, the integration and collaboration of medical education and research is an important symbol, and also an important guarantee for the sustainable development of high-level hospital. The joint construction of Medical Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University is not only the need of developing high-level hospitals, but also the need of building high-level universities.

Fourthly, it reflects the orientation of deepening cooperation between Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission and Zhejiang University. In recent years, on the basis of the establishment of close cooperation, the two sides have jointly promoted the construction of life and health science innovation highland of the province and jointly created medical peak, which reflects the combination of strong and complementary advantages.

Director Zhang Ping hoped that our hospital could seize the opportunity, deepened reform, innovate, build a high quality and high level public hospital around the national medical peak, and accelerated the pace of hospital development.

President Wu Zhaohui said that coping with the aging of the population has become a national strategy, the national health has become an important dimension of the development of socialist modernization. Our hospital has significant advantages and characteristics in geriatric diseases, cardiovascular diseases and emergency medical treatment of critical diseases, and has formed good cooperation and complementarity and superposition of development advantages with the medical and pharmaceutical sectors of the School of Medicine of Zhejiang University. The signing of the contract with our hospital today marks that the two units have entered the stage of collaborative development. He hoped that the two sides would further highlight the cooperation focus and converge on expanding the development space of geriatrics. Further strengthen the complementary advantages, in the construction of first-class geriatric specialty diagnosis and treatment highland joint efforts to tackle key problems; We will further enhance strategic mutual trust, make breakthroughs in creating modern hospital governance models, and jointly provide Zhejiang solutions for major reform in the national health field.


Mutual use of resources and deep cooperation

Promoting the overall strength of scientific research, teaching, disciplines and medical treatment

We will continue to promote the coordinated development of medical school research, with the help of scientific research platform and technology power, zhejiang university, focusing on cultivation of talents, strengthening the subject construction, promote YiJiaoYan all-round, three-dimensional development, improve the hospital comprehensive ability, to better meet people's diversified medical service demand, to provide a broader platform for YiJiaoYan rapid development, professional development for staff to provide a broader space.

At the same time with the aid of zhejiang university school of medicine and its advantages of the affiliated hospital of disciplines, talent, to develop discipline construction planning, concise subject development direction, strengthening clinical and preclinical medicine, medicine and other subjects crossover, strengthen the preponderant discipline and the key subject construction, speciality, specialized subject, teaching quality and development. The cooperative achievements in scientific research, teaching and discipline development will further promote the improvement of the medical technology level of our hospital, improve the comprehensive treatment capacity of the hospital through penetrating "sophisticated" treatment technology and medical equipment, and make an important contribution to further improving urban functions and safeguarding the life and health of residents.