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Regional cooperation, heart-brain linkage -- Our hospital held the opening meeting of chest pain center/stroke center treatment system and chest pain

 Hits: 575 Time: 2021-01-25

In China, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases rank first in the mortality rate of residents, which is higher than tumor and other diseases and seriously endangers people's health. The average time from symptom onset to admission for acute myocardial infarction patients in China is 4 hours, and 29.0% of patients are more than 6 hours, which is significantly longer than that in other countries. Similarly, once stroke occurs, tens of thousands of neurons will die every second. Therefore, whether the treatment is timely within the golden time window directly determines the quality of life of the patients afterwards.

In order to further accelerate the big chest pain center/stroke center hospital system construction, improve the hospitals and the surrounding basic-level hospitals chest pain and stroke treatment system, prognosis, management ability, chest pain and screening, prevention, and emergency process of cerebral apoplexy, on January 23, held in three pier on campus of chest pain in our center/stroke treatment system and a kick-off meeting for chest pain unit construction, hand in hand with chest pain center allied units, community health service centers, civilian battalion hospital treatment, rehabilitation hospital, nursing home in chest pain unit construction and stroke center collaborative treatment system construction, establishing and perfecting regional collaborative treatment ability, We should achieve universal coverage, public participation and whole-process management, establish and improve a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system of "primary treatment at the grassroots level, two-way referral, up-down linkage, and separation of urgent and slow treatment", and strive to build a whole-process chain of heart and brain treatment.

Hosted by Ren Min, director of the development of our society, deputy director of the West Lake District Health Bureau, Chief of the medical department Xu Kun, Gongshu District Health Bureau Medical Administration LI Waner, our chest pain/stroke center team, chest pain center allied units, community health service centers, private hospitals, rehabilitation hospital, nursing home participated the meeting.

Wan Shu, vice president of our hospital and director of the brain center, first made a speech. He said that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are the biggest diseases affecting the health of urban and rural residents at present. It is very important to do a good job in the integrated management and joint joint work after the relevant front, middle and middle hospitals. Early identification and transport of patients as soon as possible, accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients and integrated rehabilitation in the later stage are the goals we all look forward to. In recent years, through continuous improvement of pre-hospital emergency care, in-hospital critical illness treatment process and system norms, as well as emergency capacity training, our hospital has given full play to the role of pre-hospital emergency care in the construction of chest pain center, stroke center and trauma center, formed a 15-minute emergency convenient circle in Xihu District, and further improved the treatment level of acute and critical patients. Through this opening meeting, we hope that the hospital and the community will work closely together to establish a regional chest pain center and stroke center alliance, so as to provide the best quality and effective comprehensive treatment services for chest pain and stroke for the public, and make greater contributions to Healthy Zhejiang and even Healthy China.

Shao Jiansong said in his speech that as a good partner of the district hospital, the cooperation between the hospital and the West Lake District has achieved remarkable results in recent years, especially the "West Lake Model" and health care construction in Zhejiang Province and even the whole country has achieved fruitful results. He hopes that our hospital will continue to strengthen clinical disciplines, do hard medical technology, do fine hospital management, do fine medical services, and better meet the needs of patients' medical and health services. He finally said, the lake will further strengthen the cooperation with our, actively participate in chest pain center/stroke center system of construction, increase community awareness, promote grass-roots doctor skill and screening, give play to the role of alliance, with our expert team of skilled technology as backing, with every minute counts, to ensure the safety of the people life as own duty, continuous improvement efforts.

Then, the kickoff will bring relevant business trainings to participants on the topics of stroke, chest pain and heart failure. Next, will also launch a series of chest pain in our training center/stroke treatment system construction, help create synergies and realize linkage mechanism, to promote high-quality medical resources through up and down, to build regional collaborative treatment network, make the critical patients can receive timely, standardized, effective, continuous medical services.