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Zhejiang Hospital pioneered the "Electronic escort Certificate" in China and strictly implemented the "one patient one escort certificate".

Author: 网站管理员  Hits: 538 Time: 2020-06-26

Near lunch point, Ms. Li (pseudonym) was some anxious, she just help his father do good hospital procedures, but she only asked the company for half a day in the morning leave, and would be rushed back to work, but the mother was home to sort things, and was still on the way, she had to help his mother put together the escort card, still in time?

The speed of "Black technology" is beyond Ms. Li's expectation! She came to building hall in sandun campus of zhejiang hospital, and met the first domestic hospital online hospital management system "escort" intelligence, she brush card, a few seconds, she was hospitalized patients with father, mother escort escort pass all done, set her mind at to go back to work, "during the epidemic prevention and control, heard that the hospital in and out very trouble, want to do the escort head all big, have never thought is so fast quasi malicious." She said.


The use of big data, automatic identification of health code

Create access electronic vouchers


An epidemic gave the birth of the health code, into the supermarket to brush, brush into the school, into the hospital to see... Big data contributes to epidemic prevention and control. The "Intelligent In-patient Care Management System" recently launched in Sandun campus of Zhejiang hospital of Zhejiang Province is based on a similar principle.
As well will be coronavirus pneumonia infection prevention and control work, to protect your health and life safety, according to the relevant provisions of the state and requirements, combined with the current epidemic situation and hospital practice, prevention and control measures of regulation: Zhejiang hospital inpatients in principle not arrange escort, a special case is really necessary, the escort the competent head nurse, doctor or nurse issuing certificates escort, according to patients condition requires the attendants, fixed, only a...

Liu Caixia, director of the nursing department of  Zhejiang Hospital, said that during the recent epidemic prevention and control period, in the ward management work, they actually encountered many difficulties in the daily access management for patients, escorting, temporary staff, visits and other personnel. For example, flow control for people with different roles; Anonymous traffic, difficult to trace; Paper registration, inconvenient for statistics; The process is scattered and inconvenient for management; The work of issuing and recovering passes is complicated and heavy.

In view of these pain points, they put forward the demand of intelligent management, Zhejiang hospital and Internet medical and health platform "Micro pulse" officially launched the first domestic hospital online "intelligent in-patient care management system" thus came into being. It is reported, this system to hospitalized patients as the center, a hospital patients will automatically generate related population management system, and become null and void automatically when discharged from hospital, covering the whole process of the discharge from hospital preparation center to, will be "issued" recycling "escort" certificate of process is fully electronic, real-name, truly the whole process of transparent traceability, brought convenient for ward management.

"Smart hospital" adds a new weapon

Making epidemic prevention and control more convenient and efficient

As a "smart hospital" built by Zhejiang Hospital, patients can feel the convenience brought by smart medical treatment, and "black technology" such as aggregation payment robot, medicine dispensing robot and Amy robot can make great achievements.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the application of many high-tech innovative products, such as infrared temperature detector and ICU mobile visiting system, also played an important role in the epidemic prevention and control. The "intelligent in-patient care Management System" has been put into use, making epidemic prevention and control more convenient and efficient, and providing more convenience for patients and their families. During the epidemic, patients, escorts, visitors and temporary visitors shall scan the code to get a pass and pass through according to relevant requirements.

Pan Xian, deputy director of the Zhejiang Hospital Information Center, said that since its launch on April 10, the "smart in-patient care management system" has maintained a valid number of more than 600, with more than 2,000 people passing through every day and a total of more than 30,000. At present, the dragonfly face brushing machine can be used to authenticate patients and bind them together in three locations: the lobby of the inpatient building, the emergency department and the inpatient preparation center in Sandun Hospital district. After successful binding, you can scan the code with your ID card and mobile phone to quickly pass through the entrance and exit of the hospital building.

It is worth mentioning that this "intelligent in-patient care management system" also has the function of facial brushing. When the epidemic is over, people do not need to wear masks to go out, and they can brush their faces to get in and out of the hospital more quickly.

We will strictly implement the requirements on access and personnel control, strengthen prevention and control measures, and build a safe firewall for epidemic prevention and control. Zhejiang hospital safeguard section section chief li said, heart patients, active service, considering that many people will just contact the "black" of science and technology, especially some older patients, carers, currently in three pier hall on campus in the hospital building, the emergency department and hospital after preparation center rotating security related training, can be intelligent step-by-step patients' hospitalized escort system "binding and operation.

What can the Smart Inpatient Care Management System do?
1. Inpatients: after applying for hospitalization, the admission card will be applied automatically. You can pass through the id card, face brush and code brush;

2. Escort staff: after the patient's hospitalization, escort staff can apply for the escort card and pass through the id card, face and code brushing;

3. Escort personnel switching: it can be switched off and added on the patient management escort personnel interface. After the switching, the escorts cannot enter the hospital building again.

4. Visitors: It is temporarily closed during the epidemic period. After the opening, each patient can have several visitors a day, and the visiting time can be limited.