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Appointment Service

Zhejiang Hospital encourages time frame-based appointments and allows appointment scheduling on mobile apps and websites, or through phone calls. When making appointments, you should provide your re..

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Medical Record Copy Instructions

I. Precautions before copying the inpatient medical records: Applicant is allowed to take relevant supporting materials or evidences directly to Medical Record Office and make copies of inpatien..

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Service hours

Service hours: 8:00-12:00; 13:30-17:00 

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Mode of Transportation

Lingyin Campus Address: No. 12, Lingyin Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou Traffic routes: Bus: No. 7, No. 27, No. Y1, No. Y2, No. Y3, No. K807 (Hongchunqiao Station); No. 15, No. 28, No. 82, No. Y..

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Notice on Examinations

Notice on CT Scan 1. Fasting for 3 hours before contrast-enhanced CT scan. 2. You must inform the doctor if you have a history of allergy and the following diseases: hyperthyroidism, multiple ..

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Registration and Appointment Guide

I. Registration guide 1. Registration time: Starting at 7:15 a.m. from May 1 to September 30 (summer), and 7:30 a.m. from October 1 to April 30 (winter). 2. Time for outpatient service..

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Instructions for Outpatient and Emergency Visits

1. Lingyin Campus offers outpatient services from Monday to Saturday (some departments are subjected to adjustments, which are available through consultation); Sandun Campus offers outpatient servi..

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Notice of the Opening of Sunday Outpatient Clinic in Sandun Campus of Zhejiang Hospital

Notice of the Opening of Sunday Outpatient Clinic on Sandun Campus of Zhejiang Hospital Dear patients: In order to provide patients with the convenience of patients seeking medical tr..

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Appointment Methods

I. Appointment Methods   There are many ways to make outpatient appointments, including: 1. WeChat official account/service account of the Zhejiang Hospital; 2. Alipay app: search..

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Operation Instructions for Patients

1. Please take a bath and change clothes (hospital gown) the day before the operation and keep warm. Please follow the doctor's advice and fast after 10 p.m.   2. Please wash your face ..

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