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Zhejiang Hospital is affiliated to Zhejiang provincial health commission. Located by the beautiful West Lake and adjacent to Hangzhou Botanical Garden and Flower Nursery, Zhejiang Hospital is a provincial tree-lined green hospital with beautiful environment. Founded in 1954, the hospital was mainly engaged in cadre medical care and foreign-related medical treatment at the initial stage, and was fully opened to the outside in 1979. At present, it is a Grade-III Class-A general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care.

Hospital scale: Zhejiang hospital includes Linying branch and Sandun branch.

Linying branch has 800 beds and 36 clinical specialties. Sandun branch has 1200 beds and 38 clinical specialties. P.S.: No pediatrics or obstetrics

Anchor health is the International Healthcare Center of Zhejiang Hospital.


Medical services of Anchorhealth are as below:

1. Signed direct-billing agreements with more than 30 health insurance companies around the world

2.24/7 English Hotline: +86 571 88072705 Wechat number: anchorhealth

3. Professional medical English translation

4. English invoice

5. English medical report

6. VIP room for hospitalized patient

7. Priority for examinations involved with large medical apparatuses

(P.S.: Our service requires an appointment, please call us before you come.)

Address:西湖区灵隐路 12 号浙江医院门诊 2 E 区外宾诊疗中心

No 12 Lingyin rd, 2nd floor(E section)of outpatient building, inside Zhejiang hospital