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Special Meeting Held by Party Committee of Our Hospital to Learn, Convey and Implement the Spirit from the 15th Party Congress

A special meeting is held by Zhejiang Hospital Party Committee in the afternoon of June 29th, to convey, learn and implement the spirit from the 15th Party Representative Congress. Yan Jing, th..

Hits: 519Time: 2022-07-01

Usher in the 20th People’s Congress, Start Endeavoring A New Journey, the “July 1” Party Member Meeting Held at the Hospital

1921-2022 Celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China     The year 2022 will be an important year for China to enter a comprehensive jou..

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United Front|Great Love Reading Club Donation Ceremony Held by Democratic Revolution Committee of the Hospital

In order to encourage the party members of the Democratic Revolution Committee at the hospital to make excellent achievements in the tide of fighting the epidemic, and to create a strong l..

Hits: 518Time: 2022-06-30

【Safe Production Month】Usher in the 20th Congress, “Safe Production Month” and “Safe Production Ten-Thousand-Mile Journey” Series Activities Organized by Zhejiang Hospital

June in this year is the 21st National “Safe Production Month”, with the theme of “abiding by the Work Safety Law and be the first responsible person”, In order to fully implement t..

Hits: 516Time: 2022-06-24

Wang Renyuan, Director of the Provincial Health Commission Investigates at Zhejiang Hospital

The delegates of Wang Renyuan, Party Secretary and Director of Zhejiang Province Health Commission went to Zhejiang Hospital for investigation on May 26th. Wang Renyuan investigated the outp..

Hits: 516Time: 2022-06-17

Medical Aid to Africa︱I Connected the Broken Thumb for the Chinese Compatriot in Africa……

Physician Zhao Xinhua, A member of the 28th group China Medical Aid Team to Mali and Director Assistant of Orthopedics Department (III) of Zhejiang Hospital dictates his experiences of successf..

Hits: 607Time: 2022-06-17

The Most Passionate Guarding of “Shanghai”, Triumphant Return of ICU Medical Team from Zhejiang Hospital Aiding Shanghai

Facing the epidemic, they are forging ahead against it   When you leave It’s the most beautiful spring When you come back It has been the lively summer The lotus f..

Hits: 516Time: 2022-06-17

【Common Wealth Health First】Zhejiang Hospital held "6.28 International Epilepsy Care Day" public welfare activities

Perfect Virtue and Fine Technique Dedication - Pragmatic - Rigorous - Devotion Epilepsy is a disease that requires long-term treatment, and the issue of "compliance" of epilepsy patients i..

Hits: 228Time: 2022-06-15

Medical road to Africa︱Miles away, he used all-round "martial arts", showing "drunk" beautiful guardian

Medical road to aid Africa In the operating room of Mali Hospital in Bamako, the capital of the Republic of Mali in West Africa, Zhang Ruoxin, a small surgical nurse, runs back and forth..

Hits: 325Time: 2022-06-08

【Safety Production Month】For safety production initiative For health protection Zhejiang Hospital invited you to participate in a number of first aid skills training public welfare activities

This June is the 21st national "Safety Production Month", the theme of which is "comply with the production safety law and be the first responsible person". In order to implement the important r..

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