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Enhancing cultural self-confidence and carrying forward traditional medicine -- a visit to Zhejiang Hospital from the University of Leuven, Belgium

On September 17, 2019, 24 teachers and students majoring in medicine and biomedicine from the University of Leuven in Belgium visited and studied in our college. Yang Li, deputy director of the join..

Hits: 880Time: 2021-09-06

Symposium on traditional medicine -- Zhejiang Hospital & Charité Medical University Online Seminar on traditional medicine

At 3 p.m. Beijing time on September 1, 2021, the traditional Chinese medicine team of Zhejiang hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University and the natural therapy team of Charlotte Medical Unive..

Hits: 852Time: 2021-09-10

Zhejiang Hospital signed a framework cooperation agreement with Charité Medical University in Germany

In order to better carry out medical cooperation and expand international vision, Zhejiang hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University, as a partner of Zhejiang science and Technology Association, re..

Hits: 822Time: 2021-09-08

Arrangement of Outpatient and Emergency Department in Our Hospital during 2021 Mid Autumn Festival holiday

Saturday Clinic Lingyin Hospital area: open gastroenterology department, massage department, respiratory department, traditional Chinese medicine department, cardiovascular department, A..

Hits: 786Time: 2021-09-08

Practice of German advanced students in Zhejiang hospital

Derya is a senior at Charlotte Medical University in Berlin, Germany. Last November, she came to Zhejiang hospital through the international medical cooperation project of Zhejiang Association for s..

Hits: 842Time: 2021-09-07

"Science + cafe" talk about the new concept of surgical medicine training in the future

With the continuous development of information technology, today's medicine is facing an all-round upgrade. In addition to the fields of diagnosis, treatment and pharmacy, great changes have taken p..

Hits: 808Time: 2021-09-07

One belt, one road epidemic study, one belt, one road Southeast Asian countries, the epidemic prevention experience exchange meeting

COVID-19 has spread all over the world, and our country has gone through more than half a year's epidemic prevention. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Zhejiang hospital is also supported by Wuhan's hi..

Hits: 772Time: 2021-09-07

The assistance team of our hospital went to Weifeng village, Hetian Township, Kaihua County to provide assistance

On August 31, Chen Jun, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of our college, led a team to Weifeng village, Hetian Township, Kaihua County to connect with the provincial pairing a..

Hits: 798Time: 2021-09-02

United Front|Consolidation to help development, drawing concentric circles of development together - Our college held a forum for non-party members in 2021

    In order to thoroughly implement the "Regulations on the Work of the United Front of the Communist Party of China (for trial implementation)", gather the wisdom and strength of non-par..

Hits: 800Time: 2021-08-24

Our Hospital held a cadre meeting - Chen Jun was appointed president and Huang Jun was appointed vice president

In the afternoon of August 19, our hospital held a cadre meeting to announce the decision of the dean and vice president of the hospital. According to the requirements of Comrade Zhang Ping, Secreta..

Hits: 778Time: 2021-08-23

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