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Zhejiang Hospital profile


Zhejiang hospital belongs to Health commission of Zhejiang province. It was founded in 1954, and mainly provided service for the national/provincial govenment offiers and state guests before 1979. Now it's opened for public, Including two districts which are Lingyin District and Sandun District ,and it is a first-class general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care. It is the first of designated foreign medical hospital in the province, and the first batch of medical insurance designated hospital, provincial senile  diseases prevention and control training base, the general medical education and clinical training base, provincial resident standardization training base, and  teaching hospital of  higher medical schools of zhejiang university and Zhejiang province, the national institute of drug clinical trials,  arrhythmia diagnosis technology training base of National Health Commission, the national cardiac rehabilitation training base, hospital management institute of clinical medicine engineering and technical research base of National Health Commission, steoporosis diagnosis and treatment technology collaboration base of National Health Commission,screening and prevention and treatment of cerebral apoplexy base of National Health Commission, hypertension center certified hospital in China, the core unit of collaborative innovation of the national clinical medical research center for aging diseases, the network unit of the global rescue support network Beijing huanyu international rescue center (SOS), the national civilized unit, advanced collective national health system, provincial advanced collective of cadres health care work, provincial model collective, provincial peace hospital, demonstration hospital with marked price, etc.

The Hospital Scale

The Lingyin Campus covers a construction area of 66,000 square meters, with an area of 55,000 square meters of medical rooms. It is a green provincial hospital with beautiful environment, which locates by the west lake of Hangzhou, and is close to botanical garden and flower beds. It has 615 beds, 36 clinical specialties, 21 wards (including ICU and CCU), 11 clinical diagnosis and treatment centers, and 11 medical technology departments.

The Sandun Campus-Zhejiang geriatric medical center Locates in the northwest of Hangzhou.It has a construction area of 158,000 square meters, with an area of 110,000 square meters of medical rooms. It has 1200 beds in the first phase,and 22 medical technology departments.. It constructs in accordance with provincial standards, and will become a provincial geriatric treatment and rehabilitation center, research center, guidance center and domestic and foreign exchange and cooperation center.

There are 2555 staff in two districts, inclouding 1,983 technical technicians, 323 with senior professional titles and 680 with postgraduate degree. Four have enjoy special government allowances of the state council staff, 1 national health committee contributions to middle-aged and young experts, 1 national old Chinese medicine expert academic experience guidance teacher, a health talents in zhejiang province, one of traditional Chinese medicine of zhejiang province, four health innovative talents in zhejiang province, a outstanding contribution to the young and middle-aged experts of zhejiang province, two in zhejiang province "151" at the second level talented person, two people of zhejiang province "151" the third level, zhejiang province, two heir to the old Chinese medicine expert academic experience, one of zhejiang youth clinical traditional Chinese medicine, 10 of the "1530" backbone talents, 14 of the “1530” outstanding young talents.

According to the general requirements of the provincial party committee and government on "double sinking and double improvement" of health work, the hospital has established a compact cooperative medical mode with anji people's hospital ,pinghu people's hospital and kaihua county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, and set up branches of Zhejiang hospital anji,pinghu and zhejiang hospital kaihua respectively. We are now carrying out the second round of cooperation with pinghu campus.

Advantage Discipline

1 National key clinical specialty: Critical care medicine.1 Provincial key laboratory: Gerontology key laboratory. 1 Provincial key science and technology innovation team: critical care medical science and technology innovation team.1 Provincial key medical science group: Gerontology.3 Provincial key medical disciplines: geriatrics, geriatrics medicine integrated traditional Chinese and western , and critical care medicine.3 Provincial key innovative medical disciplines: aging medicine, sepsis, anti-aging medicine. 3 Provincial key specialties of traditional Chinese medicine: Cervical spondylosis massage specialist, specialty of osteoporosis and specialty of severe infection with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.2 Provincial Key specialties of TCM in the "13th five-year plan": geriatrics and rehabilitation.8 Professional groups of drug clinical trial institutions of SFDA (State food and drug administration): cardiovascular, oncology, digestion, neurology, endocrinology, critical care medicine, respiratory, geriatric diseases (the elderly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the elderly urinary diseases, the elderly endocrine diseases).13 standardized training bases for resident doctors of western medicine: internal medicine, surgery, emergency department, rehabilitation medicine, anesthesiology, neurology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, radiology, ultrasound medicine, medical laboratory, general medicine, orthopedics.

Medical Characteristics

We have many advantageous disciplines and specialties, which forms a new medical pattern of interdisciplinary development. We are the first hospital to carry out multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment model for geriatric diseases in Zhejiang province, and we are also the first one to carry out comprehensive ward for geriatric diseases. Our geriatric comprehensive assessment technology, and the intelligent comprehensive assessment software for geriatric diseases are promoted in our province and even the whole country. The Sandun Campus’ diagnosis and treatment mode completely overturns the department system inherited for many years, with the center of the new system, setting up the heart center, brain center, endocrine and metabolic diseases, anti-aging medical center, breathing, and chest diseases, digestive and abdominal disease center, center for urinary and kidney disease, tumor, blood disease center, orthopedic center, rehabilitation center, cardiac rehabilitation center, obstetrics-gynecology center, pediatrics center,traditional medicine center, skin disease and venereal disease diagnosis and treatment center, center for oral and dental implants, otolaryngology, eye optical center, narcotic pain center, imaging and intervention center,etc. We adhere to the concepts of "people-oriented", "total care", "low damage", evaluating patients comprehensively, focusing on the acute, sub-acute and rehabilitation stages of the disease, to achieve a new integrated diagnosis and treatment model of prevention, treatment, nursing and rehabilitation . As a national base of resident standardization training, general practitioner doctors clinical training base, and Zhejiang hospital medical simulation center is second to none in the province teaching center, it uses the advanced "court then" model, simulating real hospital environment, carried out in view of the resident, the basic skill training of specialized subject doctor, specialist skills training, clinical comprehensive ability training; At the same time, the standardized training for resident physicians was assisted in teacher training with base hospitals and community hospitals.

Advanced Equipment

We have advanced equipment: Digital tablet with dual source magnetic navigation system, the open source CT angiographic, dual-source CT, gemstone CT, fully digital mammary gland machine, completely mute 3.0 T large aperture nuclear magnetic resonance instrument, large aperture 1.5 T magnetic resonance instrument, Siemens ARTIS pheno "flying dragon" DSA, ECMO and intracardiac electrophysiology of 3D modeling system, allergic source test measurement and control system, genetic testing system, the diagnosis of diabetes risk assessment system, MUSE ECG diagnosis network system, microbial identification and susceptibility test system, rapid microbial mass spectrum detection system, biological immune analysis lines, blood cell analysis assembly line, a full set of ICU, CCU central monitoring system , V500 breathing machine, EPIC7 confidant multifunctional 3D color ultrasound, new echocardiographic ureteroscopy, digestive tract electronic endoscope system, electronic system, gastrointestinal dynamics testing system, ultra-high cavity mirror system, automatic biochemistry analyzer, eye YAG laser diagnostic instrument, eye integration comprehensive diagnosis and treatment system, High-grade OCT, tear scope plus, super milk glass cutting machine, sleep monitor, extracorporeal circulation machine, electronic bronchoscope, new type lung function instrument, osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment system, tumor thermal therapy instrument, exercise cardiopulmonary test system, feedback system, a new oral digital panoramic X-ray machine and measuring machine and other advanced medical equipment.Sandun Campus is the first in the province to adopt wide box car logistics, the introduction of drug delivery robot, equipped with advanced digital hybrid operating room... It can not only improve the efficiency of patient treatment, but also strictly control the quality and improve the safety.

Scientific Research Achievements

In recent years, we have won many scientific research awards, including second prize of national science and technology progress, first prize of medical and health science and technology progress of the ministry of health, 21 provincial science and technology awards, and 55 provincial awards of medicine and health science and technology and provincial awards of traditional Chinese medicine.

Academic Communication

The hospital is based on the province, oriented to the international, strengthen multi-party cooperation. In recent years,the hospital has received academic exchange groups from more than 20 countries and regions, and has successively cooperated with Suny university, Indiana university, cherrit medical center in Germany and Genshen hospital in Taiwan and so on. It also sent medical staff to the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions for further studies, lectures and scientific research cooperation. Cadres health care

As the main base of medical and health care for provincial cadres, the hospital not only undertakes the medical and health care work for provincial cadres and the health care tasks of large, important conferences and important international conferences in Zhejiang province, but also undertakes the medical and health care tasks of National central leaders and state guests during their visits to Zhejiang province.

Affiliated Organizations

Geriatric Institute of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Provincial Key Lab of Geriatrics (ZPKLG), Cardio-Cerebral Vascular Disease Prevention & Treatment Research Center of Zhejiang province, ICU Quality Control Center of Zhejiang Province, technical guidance center of geriatric diagnosis and treatment of Zhejiang province, Alzheimer's disease prevention and control technical guidance center of Zhejiang province, research guidance center of chest cancer of zhejiang province, hospital management research center of Zhejiang province, the management of medical equipment quality control center of Zhejiang province, medical device adverse event monitoring station technology of Zhejiang province, medical equipment management center of Zhejiang province, research ethical governance office of zhejiang province the journal of Prevention and Treatment of Cardio-Cerebral-Vascular disease publisher, Chinese Journal of Geriatrics (Electronic Version) publisher.



Sandun campus is in the era of big data, introduces the Internet + comprehensive quality management system, and builds the intelligent hospital model, relying on intelligent advanced modern centralized management platform, such as 5 g surgery teaching system, baby stolen emergency response, abnormal behavior control, emergency linkage system, energy and central control platform, intelligent analysis of early warning system, intelligent water control system, intelligent lighting energy saving system, intelligent building control system, intelligent leading examining robot, intelligent management system, intelligent distribution robot, etc.

We are adhering to the motto of our hospital that "professional, pragmatic, preciseness, dedication", taking patient as the center, taking the quality as the core, taking the concept of “the patients first” to all aspects of health care with considering the patient's needs from fine points, listening to the voice of the patients, and experiencing the feelings of the patients. We are always working hard for public health with "dedication, hard working, fine art, and extremely responsibility".

OUR CORE VALUE--- Morality development, superb technology

OUR MISSION---Maintaining health for the public, seeking well-being for our employee

OUR ASPIRATION---Creating a comprehensive hospital with distinct charateristics which is internationally renowned and domestic first-class.