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Zhejiang hospital is subordinate to Zhejiang provincial health and Health Commission. It was founded in 1954. At the initial stage of its establishment, it mainly focused on cadre medical care and foreign-related medical treatment. It was fully opened to the outside world in 1979. At present, it is a class III class a comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care, including Lingyin hospital area and Sandun hospital area. It joined hands with Zhejiang University on December 29, 2020, listed as "Zhejiang hospital affiliated to Medical College of Zhejiang University". It is the first designated foreign-related medical hospital in the province, the first designated medical insurance hospital in the province, the provincial geriatric disease prevention and treatment training base, the provincial general medical education clinical training base, the provincial resident standardization training base, the teaching hospital of Zhejiang University and medical colleges and universities in the province, the national drug clinical trial institution, and the training base of arrhythmia diagnosis and treatment technology of the National Health Commission, National Heart rehabilitation training base, clinical medical engineering technology research base of Hospital Management Institute of National Health Commission, osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment technology cooperation base of National Health Commission, stroke screening and prevention base of National Health Commission, certified hospital of China hypertension center, and collaborative innovation core unit of national geriatric disease clinical medicine research center, The global rescue support network is the network unit of Beijing Huanyu International Rescue Center (SOS), the national civilized unit, the national advanced collective of health system, the provincial advanced collective of cadre health care, the provincial model collective, the provincial Ping An hospital, the clearly marked demonstration hospital, etc. As the main base of cadre medical care in the province, the hospital undertakes the medical care work of cadres in the province and the health care tasks of large-scale, important conferences and important international conferences in the province, as well as the medical care tasks of central leaders and state guests during their visit to Zhejiang.

Hospital scale

Lingyin hospital is located on the Bank of the beautiful Xizi lake, adjacent to Hangzhou botanical garden and flower garden. With beautiful environment and shady trees, it is a provincial green hospital. The hospital has a construction area of 66000 square meters, a medical room area of 55000 square meters, 800 open beds, 36 clinical specialties, 21 wards (including ICU and CCU), 11 clinical diagnosis and treatment centers and 11 medical technology departments.

Sandun hospital district is the elderly medical center of Zhejiang Province, located in the northwest of Hangzhou. It has a construction area of 158,000 square meters, a medical room area of 110,000 square meters, 1200 beds in phase I, and 22 diagnosis and treatment centers. It is constructed according to the standard of provincial class III comprehensive hospital. The goal is to build it into a provincial geriatric treatment and rehabilitation center, research center, guidance center and exchange and cooperation center at home and abroad.

There are 2518 employees in the two hospitals, including 1966 health technicians, 334 personnel with senior professional titles, 684 postgraduates, 13 personnel enjoying special government subsidies of the State Council, 1 young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions from the National Health Commission, 1 academic experience instructor of national old traditional Chinese medicine experts, 1 health leading talent in Zhejiang Province and 1 famous traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang Province. There are 5 health innovation talents in Zhejiang Province, 3 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions in Zhejiang Province, 4 "151" second-level talents in Zhejiang Province, 3 "151" third-level talents in Zhejiang Province, 7 new talents in the medical field in Zhejiang Province, 2 inheritors of the academic experience of national old traditional Chinese medicine experts, 1 young clinical famous traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang Province, and 1 excellent talent of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in Zhejiang Province. There are 10 "1530" backbone top-notch talents and 14 "1530" excellent young talents.

According to the general requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on "double sinking and double improvement" of health work, the hospital has successively established a close cooperation mode with Anji County People's Hospital, Pinghu City People's Hospital, Kaihua County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and Jinhua fifth hospital, and listed Anji branch of Zhejiang hospital, Pinghu branch of Zhejiang hospital, Kaihua branch of Zhejiang hospital and Jinhua Branch of Zhejiang hospital respectively. At present, it has carried out the second round of cooperation with Pinghu branch.

Advantageous disciplines and platforms

1 national key clinical specialty: Department of critical medicine

1 college jointly built by the CPC Committee and province: geriatrics

1 provincial and ministerial Key Laboratory: Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Geriatrics

1 provincial key scientific and technological innovation team: scientific and technological innovation team of critical medicine

1 provincial international scientific and technological cooperation base: international scientific and technological cooperation base for geriatric research

1 provincial medical key discipline group: geriatrics

3 provincial key medical disciplines: critical care medicine support discipline, geriatrics, geriatrics with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine

3 provincial key innovative medical disciplines: geriatrics, sepsis and anti-aging medicine

3 provincial key TCM specialties: TCM Massage cervical spondylosis, TCM osteoporosis and sepsis treated with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine

2 provincial key specialties of traditional Chinese medicine in the 13th five year plan: geriatrics and rehabilitation

39 professional groups of drug clinical trial institutions of the State Drug Administration: cardiovascular medicine, respiratory medicine, geriatrics, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrinology, immunology, hematology, nephrology, general medicine, critical medicine, oncology, general surgery, thoracic surgery, urology, cardiovascular surgery, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics Breast surgery, plastic surgery, medical cosmetology, anorectal surgery, rehabilitation medicine, anesthesiology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, obstetrics and Gynecology, emergency medicine, Stomatology, pediatrics, infectious diseases, pain, traditional Chinese medicine (internal medicine, acupuncture, massage), medical imaging (Radiology, ultrasonic diagnosis), phase I clinical trial and research laboratory.

41 professional groups of medical device clinical trial institutions of the State Drug Administration: cardiovascular medicine, respiratory medicine, digestive medicine, neurology, hematology, nephrology, endocrinology, immunology, geriatrics, general practice, oncology, critical medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, ophthalmology, stomatology, medical cosmetology, mental health, infection, rehabilitation medicine anesthesiology, medical laboratory, pathology, medical imaging (ultrasonic diagnosis, Radiology, ECG diagnosis), traditional Chinese medicine (internal medicine, acupuncture, massage), general surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, neurosurgical intervention center, Urology, thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, breast surgery, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, anorectal surgery.

15 professional bases for standardized training of Western medicine residents: internal medicine, surgery, emergency department, rehabilitation medicine department, anesthesiology department, neurology department, ophthalmology department, otolaryngology department, radiology department, ultrasonic medicine department, medical laboratory department, general medicine department, orthopedics department, critical medicine department and obstetrics and gynecology department

Medical features

The hospital takes the diagnosis and treatment of geriatric diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and emergency medical treatment of critical diseases as the leader, forming a medical pattern of multi-disciplinary and multi center coordinated development. The province pioneered a multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment model for geriatric diseases, opened a comprehensive demonstration ward for geriatric diseases, introduced and used geriatric comprehensive evaluation technology, pioneered a smart geriatric comprehensive evaluation software, and promoted it in the province and even the whole country. Sandun hospital initiated the central diagnosis and treatment mode and changed the department system that has been followed for many years. Heart center, brain center, endocrine and metabolic disease center, anti-aging diagnosis and treatment center, respiratory and chest disease center, digestive and abdominal disease center, urinary and kidney disease center, tumor center, hematology center, Orthopedic Center, rehabilitation medicine center, heart rehabilitation treatment center, maternity center, pediatric center, traditional medicine center Dermatology and venereal disease diagnosis and treatment center, oral cavity and dental implant center, otolaryngology center, optometry center, anesthesia and pain center, imaging and intervention center and other diagnosis and treatment centers adhere to the concepts of "people-oriented", "whole process care" and "low injury", conduct comprehensive evaluation on patients, and pay attention to the whole process of acute, subacute and rehabilitation of diseases, Achieve a new integrated diagnosis and treatment model of prevention, treatment, nursing and rehabilitation. As a national standardized training base for residents and a clinical training base for general practitioners, Zhejiang hospital medical simulation center is the leading medical simulation center in China. Adopt the advanced "hospital in hospital" mode, simulate the real hospital environment, and carry out basic skill training, specialized skill training and clinical comprehensive ability training for residents, specialists, grass-roots doctors and in-service medical staff in the hospital.

Advanced equipment

With advanced equipment, the hospital has the world's advanced dual source digital flat-panel magnetic navigation angiography system, the first open source CT, dual source CT, gem CT, SPECT / CT, full digital breast machine in the province, the first fully silent 3.0T NMR instrument in East China, 1.5T NMR instrument, digital gastroenterology machine, digital subtraction angiography machine, allergen testing system, gene detection system Diabetes risk assessment and diagnosis system, MUSE ECG diagnostic network system, microbial identification and drug sensitivity detection system, rapid microbial mass spectrometry detection system, biochemical and immunoassay line, blood cell analysis pipeline, complete ICU, CCU central monitoring system, V500 ventilator, extracorporeal membrane oxygenator (ECMO), and intracardiac electrophysiological 3D mapping modeling system, Epic7 ventral multifunctional 3D color ultrasound, new cardiac ultrasound system, DSA hybrid surgery, digital integrated operating room, mobile C-arm X-ray machine, electronic ureteroscope, digestive tract electronic endoscope system, gastrointestinal dynamics detection system, digestive tract Haibo knife system, cardiopulmonary bypass machine, electronic bronchoscope, ultra-high definition endoscope system, automatic biochemical instrument Ophthalmic YAG laser diagnostic instrument, ophthalmic integrated diagnosis and treatment system, high-grade OCT, dry eye instrument, super emulsion glass cutting machine, multi-channel sleep monitor, new lung function instrument, osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment system, tumor hyperthermia instrument, exercise cardiopulmonary test system, exercise feedback system, 60 meter long suspension orbit system Advanced medical equipment such as three compartment 7-door hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment system, vertigo diagnosis and treatment system, new oral digital panoramic X-ray machine, rapid drug dispensing robot and cephalometric machine in outpatient pharmacy, which can accommodate 28 people for oxygen therapy at the same time.

Scientific research achievements

In recent years, the hospital has won a number of scientific research achievements, including 1 second prize of national scientific and technological progress, 1 first prize of medical and health scientific and technological progress of the former Ministry of health, 23 provincial science and technology awards, 55 provincial medical and health science and technology awards and Provincial Traditional Chinese medicine science and technology awards.

Academic exchange

The hospital is based on the province, facing the world and strengthening multi-party cooperation. In recent years, academic exchange groups from more than 20 countries and regions have come to exchange and cooperate, and have established cooperative relations with Shangzhou State University of New York, Indiana University, cherett medical center, Taiwan Gengshen hospital, etc. At the same time, medical personnel are sent to the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions for further study, lectures and scientific research cooperation.

 Cadre health care

As the main base of cadre medical care in the province, the hospital undertakes the medical care work of cadres in the province and the health care tasks of large-scale, important conferences and important international conferences in the province. At the same time, the hospital also undertakes the medical and health care tasks of the central head and state guests during their visit to Zhejiang.

Affiliated mechanism

Zhejiang Institute of Geriatrics, Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Geriatrics, Zhejiang cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease prevention and control research center, Zhejiang ICU quality control center, Zhejiang geriatric disease diagnosis and treatment technical guidance center, Zhejiang dementia prevention and control technical guidance center, Zhejiang cancer center chest tumor research guidance center, Zhejiang hospital management research center Zhejiang medical equipment management and quality control center, Zhejiang medical device adverse event monitoring technology station, Zhejiang medical equipment management center, Zhejiang medical research ethics management office, Journal of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease prevention and control, and undertaker of Chinese Electronic Journal of geriatric disease research.

In the era of big data, the hospital has established an Internet plus total quality management system. Santun hospital introduces intelligent and advanced modern centralized management platforms, such as 5g surgical teaching system, AI Intelligent Cloud radiotherapy target area drawing platform, abnormal behavior personnel management and control, emergency linkage display system, energy centralized management and control platform, intelligent analysis and early warning system, intelligent water-saving management and control system, intelligent lighting energy-saving system, intelligent building control system, intelligent guidance robot Intelligent distribution robot, intelligent inpatient care management system, etc., and strive to build an intelligent hospital model.

We adhere to the motto of "dedication, pragmatism, preciseness and dedication". Take the patient as the center and quality as the core, implement the patient-oriented service concept into all aspects of medical care, consider the needs of patients from subtle points, listen to the voice of patients, experience the feelings of patients, and "go all out" for public health with "one point of feelings, 99 efforts, 100% skills and great responsibility"!

Core values --  Improve Morality, Refine Skills

Mission - To seek health for the public and well-being for employees

Vision - To create a world-famous and domestic first-class general hospital with distinctive discipline characteristics.

Updated on January 7, 2021