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【Common Wealth Health First】Zhejiang Hospital held "6.28 International Epilepsy Care Day" public welfare activities

Perfect Virtue and Fine Technique Dedication - Pragmatic - Rigorous - Devotion Epilepsy is a disease that requires long-term treatment, and the issue of "compliance" of epilepsy patients i..

Hits: 228Time: 2022-06-15

【Common Wealth Health First】Zhejiang Hospital Held National Atrial Fibrillation Day Public Welfare Activities

Atrial fibrillation is one of the most common cardiac arrhythmia diseases. Atrial fibrillation is the greatest risk factor for ischemic stroke, and the incidence of stroke in patients with atrial fi..

Hits: 368Time: 2022-06-01

【Common Wealth Health First】Zhejiang Hospital held a series of public welfare activities for National “Eye Care Day”

June 6, 2022 is the 27th National "Eye Care Day", the theme is: concern about the universal eye health, build "eye" health. In order to publicize and popularize the scientific knowledge of eye healt..

Hits: 524Time: 2022-06-01

Convenient|Zhejiang Hospital 2022 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Outpatient and Emergency Arrangements

2022 Zhejiang Hospital Dragon Boat Festival Clinic Arrangement Date Sandun Hospital ..

Hits: 521Time: 2022-05-25

【Common Wealth Health First】Zhejiang Hospital held "World No Tobacco Day" public welfare activities

May 31, 2022 is the 35th World No Tobacco Day, and the theme of this year's World No Tobacco Day is: "Tobacco: Threat to our environment". In recent years, environmental awareness is deeply rooted i..

Hits: 525Time: 2022-05-25

[Common Wealth Health First] Zhejiang Hospital Carries Out Health Education and Public Welfare Activities for International Thyroid Week

According to statistics, female patients are eight times more likely to suffer from thyroid disease than men, while the survey data of the National Cancer Center in 2017 showed that thyroid canc..

Hits: 495Time: 2022-05-19

【Common Wealth Health First】Zhejiang Hospital Conducts "National Nutrition Week" Charity Clinic

May 20, 2022 is the eighth "National Nutrition Week", and also the 33rd "5.20" Chinese Students' Nutrition Day. The slogan of National Nutrition Week is: "Healthy China, Nutrition First", "New Dieta..

Hits: 533Time: 2022-05-17

Convenient︱Zhejiang Hospital 2022 May Day holiday outpatient and emergency arrangements

May Day Labor Day "May Day" holiday outpatient and emergency arrangements  Date Sandun hospital area  Lingyin ho..

Hits: 553Time: 2022-04-22

【Common Wealth Health First】Zhejiang Hospital held "National Tumor Prevention and Treatment Publicity Week" large-scale charity and public education activities

April 15-21, 2022 is the 28th "National Tumor Prevention and Treatment Publicity Week", and the theme of this year's publicity week is "Early Action for Cancer Prevention and Treatment", which aims ..

Hits: 557Time: 2022-04-15

[Common Wealth Health First] Zhejiang Hospital held a public welfare activity for health education on International Stomach Care Day

According to statistics, the incidence of stomach disease in the population is as high as 80%, and is growing at an annual rate of 17.43%, how to choke the throat of the onset of stomach disease, ..

Hits: 586Time: 2022-03-31

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