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One Belt And One Road epidemic discussion, showing the elegant demeanor of Zhejiang doctors with severe diseases-Specialists in critical care medicine

Author: 网站管理员  Hits: 591 Time: 2020-08-07

On the evening of July 10, the experience exchange seminar on covid-19 prevention and control and the experience exchange meeting of hospitals in southeast Asian countries along the One Belt And One Road were held in Hangzhou, hosted by the critical care medical branch of Zhejiang medical association and the critical care professional committee of Zhejiang physician association. YAN Jing, vice chair of The Critical Care Medicine Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Chair of the Critical Care Medicine Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, secretary of the Party Committee of our hospital, and HU Weihang, assistant director of critical care medicine of our hospital, conducted remote online experience exchange with experts from Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam on behalf of the hospital, Zhejiang Province and China.

Yan Jing, who chaired the meeting, pointed out that since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, the Chinese people have been taking firm and strict measures to prevent and control the epidemic, which has saved countless lives. As a pioneer in CoVID-19 prevention and control in China, Zhejiang has been actively involved in the treatment of COVID-19 in the spirit of putting health first, putting life first, making all-out efforts to treat coVID-19 and never giving up on anyone. On the premise of ensuring a high treatment rate in Wuhan, the critical care medical staff of our province went to Wuhan to provide support and accumulated rich experience in the frontline treatment of COVID-19. To sum up, there are mainly the following experiences: first, the province's severe and critical patients centralized treatment; Second, the related disciplines and experts will be concentrated, the province's more than 700 medical backbone joint operations; Third, to ensure the supply of protection and treatment materials, regardless of the cost or cost; Fourth, adopt multidisciplinary team treatment plan. At present, the epidemic in China has been brought under control to a certain extent, but we still cannot relax our vigilance, especially in the face of the grim international situation. We should strengthen our confidence and work together to win the battle against major infectious diseases.

Later, CAI Hongliu, the first affiliated hospital of Zhejiang university intensive medicine, Pan Konghan, director of the intensive medicine of Shao Yifu hospital affiliated to Zhejiang university, YANG Xianghong, director of the intensive medicine, Zhejiang provincial people's hospital, HU Weihang, assistant director of intensive medicine of Zhejiang hospital, introduced and discussed information about the epidemic prevention and control experience in Zhejiang province and intensive treatment difficulties, key points and attention problems.

Other experts from other countries were Professor Cong Quyet Thang, President of Hanoi Friendship Hospital and Vietnam Association of Anesthesiologists; Dr. Suraphong Lorsomradee, Director of Chiang Mai University School of Medicine and International Society of Cardiothoracic and vascular Anesthesiologists in Thailand; Ike Sri Redjeki, President of The Indonesian Critical Care Medical Association; and Theresia Monica Rahardjo, Director of Permata Hati Hospital in Indonesia. After the meeting, the experts from the three countries all praised China's prevention and control effectiveness and expressed their gratitude to the expert team from Zhejiang province for its valuable experience in treatment.