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Our hospital has been established for 65 years from 1954 to 2019.

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Time series round delay, cast great medical sincerity;

Years like a song, a thousand years of color.

Our hospital has been established for 65 years from 1954 to 2019.

Years of footprints precipitation of the imprint of time, the ring of history bearing the great trust of The Times.

65 years ago, she started from the west lake surrounded by trees. One year ago, she was rejuvenated in northwest Hangzhou. Sandun Campus was put into operation, which has modern wisdom and comprehensive innovative management and diagnosis and treatment mode.

Over the past 65 years, our hospital has never forgotten the original intention of "solving the suffering of common people's diseases and creating the blessing of common people's health", pursued the dream of a new era, forged ahead, and tried its best to depict a new chapter of "Wise Zhejiang Medicine".

On October 18, 2019, "Hospital Innovation and Development Congress - 65th Anniversary series " was held in Sandun Campus. Zhang Ping, party secretary of Zhejiang Health Committee, Ye Quanfu, director of the Institute of Hospital Management Research Institution of Nation Health Committee, Yang Quansen, former deputy director of Zhejiang Health Department, Zheng Gongshou, party secretary of Hangzhou Medical School, Fu Zhimin, director of the office of Zhejiang Health committee, Linjie, director of the Nation Health Committee Planning and Development &Informationization office, Chen Yun, president of Peking University shenzhen Hospital, Yu Enyan, party secretary of Cancer Hospital of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ge Minghua, president of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, Ma Huijuan, party secretary of Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine alone with leading experts and guests who has great concern about development and wisdom in our hospital construction. Party Committee secretary Yan Jing, President Hong Chaoyang, vice President Cao Yongbao, Zhang Hong, Huang Qingdong, Jin Xiaoqing, Discipline Inspection Committee secretary He Xiaobo, Vice President Song Baishan, financial director Zhao Weiqun and some staff representatives attended the meeting. The opening ceremony and the main forum were hosted by President Hong Chaoyang and Vice President Jin Xiaoqing.


At 9 o 'clock in the morning, " Hospital Innovation and Development Congress - 65th Anniversary series " officially opened at the conference center on the sixth floor of the outpatient building of Sandun Campus.

Yan Jing's speech --

I here by represent our hospital to give this speech. First of all, we appreciate to those who care about and support the development of our hospital, and to all the retired leaders and veteran comrades and all staff members.

Over the past 65 years, several generations of Zhejiang hospital doctors have made unremitting efforts and passed on their legacy, creating a history of exploration, struggle and development. It now has become a comprehensive hospital with geriatric disease, cardiovascular disease, critical care medicine as its leading department.

     Under the situation of transformation and innovation, our hospital has taking Xi’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, fully play the leading part of party committee, the general situation, make decisions, and commitment to "five bases" as follows: one is carrying out party leading medical business; Second, based on the strengthening of clinical disciplines, focusing on difficulties in critical and severe diseases, developing new cutting-edge technologies, integrating advantageous disciplines, promoting breakthroughs in key diagnosis and treatment technologies, building a brand of advantageous disciplines, and leading the comprehensive development of the hospital; Third, to strenghten technology to do hard, promote the continuous improvement of medical quality. In recent years, top-notch surgeries have emerged one after another in tow campus, advanced equipment has been updated and iterated, and hospital scientific research has reached a new peak. Fourth, refining hospital management, benchmarking international and domestic first-class hospitals, operate intelligent and effective total quality management system, strive to build a "delicate, elaborate, high-quality" hospital, constantly deepening the connotation of the hospital construction; Five is refining medical services. Actively exploring ONCE policy, using its method and mechanism through each work of our hospital, effectivly integrate high quality medical resources, bulid “westlake mode” which is capable of liking city, community and family to get through “the last kilometer” of medical, aged care, nursing, rehabilitation to meet the medical and health services needs of older patients better.

On June 28 last year, Sandun campus, Zhejiang gerontology medical center was put into operation, opening a new era of intellegent hospital. It is always patient-centered and quality-centered to further improve patients' satisfaction and sense of acquisition. The application of information technology has greatly improved patients' medical experience.

Over the past 65 years, the hospital has always been adhering to our core value of "one percent feelings, 99 percent hard work, 100 percent skills, thousands of responsibility", to create a comprehensive hospital with distinctive discipline characteristics of the international well-known, domestic first-class.

Ye quanfu speech --

In recent years, the health cause in Zhejiang has made great progress. ONCE policyu has completely solved the problem of "four long and one short" has been greatly improved the sense of gain and the quality of medical treatment for patient. Our hospital's information and intelligent construction is very characteristic, and has been made every effotr to regardless of intelligent medical treatment, intelligent hospital management, providing intelligent services for patients are in the forefront. Construction of the intellegent hospital can not achieved overnight. It nees time, and should improve gradually overall. We built intellegent hospital as a single unit before. But now, we build intellegent hospital based on hospital alliance. Therefore, we shouldn’t learn foreign experience by copying it. We should choose what we really need.

Zhang ping's speech --

First of all, on behalf of Zhejiang Health Committee, we congratulate the success of the conference and the great progress we have made in the past 65 years. Intellegent hospital is a new stage of the further development of hospital information construction. Information, intelligence have become the key driving force for the improvement of hospital innovation. Which hospital occupies the commanding height of intellegent hospital will also grasp the initiative of future hospital development.

The key of building a intellegent hospital is mainly manifested in four aspects: first, the application of artificial intelligence in medical activities; Second, the application of Internet and IOT in telemedicine; Third, the application of big data in medical research and hospital management; Fourth, the application of information technology in the field of medical and health services.

The ONCE reform introduced ten policies both last year and this year. These measures are followed by the support of information technology. To solve the problem of “difficult to see a doctor”, the only way is by means of information techonoloty. Only through the hospital internal process reengineering, to bring people satisfaction. At present, the card issuance rate of "integrate two cards and access via one website" in our hospital ranks the first in provincial hospitals of the whole province, and the patients who use this service have accounted for 5% of outpatients, becoming the pacesetter in provincial hospitals and Zhejiang Province.

     Intellegent hospital construction must adhere to the people-oriented, use-oriented and generation-oriented. All information techonoloty are to improve the people's sense of gain. And it is also a very important principle and development goal of health information construction in Zhejiang.

After the opening ceremony, the donation ceremony of zhang Yang xi's prints was held, which gave the 65th anniversary a unique meaning.In the history exhibition hall of our hospital, there is a woodcut print with special significance -- RESCUE, which is the work of the famous printmaker Zhang Yangxi. More than 60 years ago, when Mr. Zhang Yang xi was in hospital, he was deeply moved by the scene when the medical staff devote themselves to save the patient.Mr. Zhang Yang xi’s son, daughter-in-law, daughter and other family members came to the donation site.

The forum was held afterwards. Zheng Shusen, Ye Quanfu, Chen Yun and Hong Chaoyang gave speeches focus on the theme of big data, construction standard of intellegent hospital, AI application and hospital management.

Hong chaoyang showed the latest 5G surgery live broadcast technology during his speech. After the signal is connected, two images appear on screen, one is the director of brain center, Wan Shu, operating in surgery room of Sandun Campus, the other is the scene of the wuzhen Internet conference live broadcast of the operation. The operating room, the wuzhen Internet conference and the conference room can communicate in real time.

In the afternoon, forum of artificial intelligence diagnosis and treatment of chest diseases and forum of artificial intelligence and cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment were respectively held in Sandun Campus. Zhejiang anti-cancer association integrated diagnosis and treatment center of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment (iLCC) licensing ceremony was held in the special session of artificial intelligence diagnosis and treatment of chest diseases.

Scholars and guests from all over the country gathering together communicating and learning from each other. The guests also visited Sandun Campus after the main forum.


The future is here, led by technology

Open a new era of intellegent hospitals

Black technology changes service model

Patients' sense of acquisition is greatly improved

Our hospital is committed to building an intellegent hospital. In recent years, the intellegent hospital has become a prototype. All kinds of technologies have brought changes in service management mode and improved patients' sense of satisfaction.

Can you believe that visiting ICU patients can be done with only a cart? ICU is concentrated in critical patients, although each hospital ICU have regularly visiting hours, but there are some patients with weak immunity system that need protective isolation, as well as patients with negative pressure wards are limited to visit. But these patients also need comfort and encouragement, and their relatives and family members outside the ward also urgently want to be able to know the disease progression. At this time, mobile visit system show its advantages. This visitation system can rely on the existing network of the hospital to realize rapid networking and provide real-time and fast transmission of high-definition images for the families of critically ill patients. Families make visit appointments in advance. After getting consent, in accordance with the contract time to press the buttons connected between remote visit, the nurse station main engine revolution move from bed for visiting screen, families can see and intercom with patients.

Walk into outpatient hall of Sandun Campus, the bright modern hospital is displayed in front of Shared wheelchairs were first applied in provincial hospitals. it can provide service for patients at any time. The artificial intelligence robot "Amy" has a dazzling white appearance, perfect body curve, the 7-inch screen can clearly show the information needed to prompt. She worked tirelessly to provide patients with 24-hour medical consulting services. She also appeared in each ward, but the function became "patient education", it could save time of medical staff which make them have more time spent on other patients.

"Smart pharmacy" has two automatic dispensers with the largest amount of drugs in the province. It can basically guarantee that when the patients reach the pharmacist, the drugs have reached the window one step ahead of them. It realizing the ideal of "drugs arrive before patients". One year after introducing the dispensers, the accuracy of drug deployment is up to 100%. In addition to the dispensing robot, the logistics car all over the inpatient building is one part of the largest wide box car logistics system in Zhejiang Province. Drugs, specimens, surgical instruments, etc. can be sent to the hospital ward, operating room, pathological room, pharmacy, nursing station, checkout room and other logistics car stops within a minute or two. Rehabilitation treatment centre has the longestceiling track system, three class seven gantry hyperbaric treatment system, integrated rehabilitation robot equipment of AR technology and so on. All rehabilitation equipment are in one network, realized the connectivity of information of patient info, rehabilitation therapists assessment and treatment records.

Management mode under new intellengence

Green, environmentally friendly, efficient and safe

Logistics management and new type of logistics management software is the guarantee of the rapid and safe development of hospital.

In order to guarantee the logistics security, our hospital takes the lead in introducing an advanced management software, which can conduct pre-crisis warning of faults and accidents through big data analysis and prevent them from happening.Compared with traditional in-process and post-processing, pre-warning can greatly reduce the incidence of adverse events. Boiler safety system, oxygen management, elevator system and electrical management are all incorporated into this software.

The hospital administration building is equipped with an intelligent management center. A large screen displaying various data and information. "Equipment management", "outpatient data" and "energy consumption management" are integrated in the intelligent management center. Equipment management integrates the equipment operation of the whole hospital, such as elevator, lighting, air conditioning, etc. Click on "outpatient data", and the outpatient statistics of the day are shown in a glance. This "brain" monitors every corner of the hospital 24 hours a day to make sure nothing goes wrong.Through the intelligent management platform, the central automatic control can be realized, including one-click alarm, auto lighting management, fire tracking, remote control of access control and so on.

Energy saving is another major goal of intelligent logistics management. Through the environmental green and energy-saving management system. Outpatient hall, doctor's office, public walkway and other areas in Sandun Campus are included in the system. Temperature and humidity changes and air quality changes in the controlled area can be detected in a real time. With the collection, diagnosis and analysis of energy measurement data, the hospital can implement effective management, and the scientific and accurate measurement data can also guide the use of building energy, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

Highly efficient management tools Ding-talk allows administrative management, personnel management, financial management, medical management, quality management, discipline inspection, out-patient management, the science management, audit work, logistics management, school management, and other management online. It greatly improve the efficiency of management.


Patient first, have the courage too innovate

Build a new medical model

Life lasts, every second counts

Medical treatment has been speeded up

On October 15, "air emergency" was officially launched in Sandun Campus .As is known to all, air emergency service is the best choice when the emergency of cerebral infarction, traffic accident, natural disaster and other emergencies need to save lives quickly, but the ground traffic conditions or the medical conditions of the local hospital cannot meet the needs of patients.The shorter the time a patient gets treated, the greater the chance that his life will be saved. The endurance time of air emergency helicopter is more than 5 hours and the maximum range of 1061 km. The first aid force of our hospital has been further strengthened. In addition to the rapid air rescue by helicopter, the hospital also has a well-trained medical and logistic support team, so that patients can get faster rescue methods and have better medical environment.

Hospitals have stepped up efforts to improve the construction of "Internet" hospitals. In the Internet hospital, patients can access services such as online diagnosis and treatment, online appointment booking, online durg prescription renewal, mobile payment, delivery service, follow-up after diagnosis, nursing, medical information without leaving home.

The work of the remote ecg blood pressure monitoring center in our hospital includes the hospital information ecg network analysis system. Since 2013, we have built 50 remote ecg collection sites and 2 ecg diagnosis centers, which are responsible for the routine ecg analysis and diagnosis of outpatient and emergency department, physical examination center and inpatient ward in lingyin and Sandun Campus.The second is the management system of dynamic blood pressure remote analysis. Relying on the platform of Zhejiang cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease prevention and control center, 20 alliance units of remote dynamic blood pressure monitoring have been established since 2016 to analyze more than 1,000 dynamic blood pressure reports every year and give professional suggestions.Remote ecg monitoring and long-term ecg analysis system are carried out synchronously. At present, there are  there are  42 remote ecg alliance units audit more than 200 remote dynamic ecg data every month.

Today, Zhejiang anti-cancer association integrated diagnosis and treatment center for lung cancer (iLCC) was officially established to provide patients with safe, high-quality, efficient and rapid rehabilitation of integrated diagnosis and treatment program.The center introduced AI intelligent diagnosis into the diagnosis and treatment of chest tumor diseases, developed the characteristic technology of "artificial intelligence & medical imaging" to facilitate early screening, early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, greatly improved the early detection rate of lung cancer, and built a precise diagnosis and treatment system for lung cancer.Currently, the application rate of ai-based lung cancer screening in chest CT in hospitals has reached more than 80%, and the detection rate of nodules has increased from about 40% to about 60%.

Focus on patients

Break down discipline barriers

Deep push OONCE policy

The ONCE policyu issued in April,2018 is in order to promote the development of the medical service quality and gradually enhance patients’ senseof satisfaction. Our hospital starting from the practical needs of patients in each aspect, to innovate, constantly deepen, from the perspective of the subtleties, improve the patient's medical treatment experience.

     In June 2018, Sandun Campus was put into operation. Both the outpatient department and the patient department were established in accordance with the brand new diagnosis and treatment center system. The outpatient department includes 19 diagnosis and treatment areas and 22 diagnosis and treatment centers. Cardiovascular Disease Center, for example, set the cardiovascular internal medicine and heart vascular surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac rehabilitation and cardio-cerebrovascular disease prevention research center together, put cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease prevention and clinical treatment (internal medicine, interventional, surgery) and rehabilitation in one center. If the patient wants to be directly transferred from the department of cardiovascular internal medicine to the department of cardiac macrovascular surgery, he/she does not need to leave the diagnosis area. The diagnosis room is equipped with the common examination equipment for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases: echocardiography, 12-lead electrocardiogram, exercise plate, etc., so as to facilitate the treatment and examination of patients. When patients visit the center, they can complete high-quality cardiac diagnosis and treatment services without leaving the area. In the future, the heart center will build a specialized cardiac laboratory to integrate prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and research.

The realization of "integrate two cards and access via one website" short the time for patient getting a doctor. And thanks to that, patients no longer needs to id card, social security CARDS or bank CARDS. Patients only need a cell phone installed "Zheliban App", can finish payment, check report checker and other services. Information can easily exchange between different hospitals can be realized, easy to complete the treatment.At the same time, the hospital continuously optimizes the information system Settings, and the introduction of advanced terminals and technologies, so that patients do not even need to use their mobile phones, but can directly "scan their face" to complete a series of procedures such as file filing, registration, treatment and payment, so as to truly improve patients' sense of gain and satisfaction.

Hybrid operating rooms (also know as digital DSA hybrid operating rooms) in Sandun Campus also reflect patient-centered concept. The hybrid operating room integrates surgery, interventional therapy and imaging diagnosis, and carries out two kinds of operations, namely cardiac, cerebral and peripheral vascular interventional surgery and normalsurgery, in the same time period, the same operating room and the same patient. More than 12 kinds of signal sources in the operating room can be used through the use of advanced digital signal processing system, which is convenient for doctors to review patient information at any time.It makes the operation more convenient, less radiation and clearer images. For patients, the postoperative ventilator use time, chest drainage flow, incidence of arrhythmia and postoperative complications are significantly reduced, which is safer and more efficient, so as to "minimize patients' trauma and pain and maximize the efficacy".

The floor space of CGMH hybrid operating room in Sandun Campus is more than one hundred square meters. It has equipment valued more than 230 million, such as Siemens ARTISpheno vascular DSA, which can provide accurate display the high-quality image of tiny lesions and imaging vision, big enough to combine with surgery and other forms of image information in order to support the ongoing inventional surgery or normal surgery.And every operation performed here can be transmitted in real time to the medical simulation center of the hospital or other meeting rooms for surgical teaching and discussion. Today, the image of brain surgery performed here is also displayed in real time with 5G technology at the world Internet conference 2019 held in wuzhen, as a demonstration example of 5G surgery to participants from various countries.


The practice of virtue is not only a high generalization of the development goals and action guidelines of medical institutions under the strategy of "Healthy China 2020", but also the core values that our hospital has been pursuing for 65 years.

After 65 years of inheritance and harvest, it is a new starting point for our hospital to stride forward into the new era of "Internet + medical care". Under the guidance of the healthy China strategy, Linyin and Sandun Campus have integrated development, emitting vigorous new vitality.

Under the new age of science and technology, new technology such as big data, 5g technology, artificial intelligence are increasingly highlighted their advantages. Our hospital will continue adhering to our core value and motto, carry out to patients as the center, take the quality as the core idea, and to build "hospital leading by intellegence" in the future.

All Zhejiang Hospital medical staff will also follow the pace of history, be brave in innovation, forge ahead with determination, help medical reform, constantly improve patients' sense of satisfaction, and do their best for public health.