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[News in Brief] Renowned German Nephrologist Visited Zhejiang Hospital and Looked Forward to Deep Exchange and Cooperation

 Hits: 645 Time: 2020-10-29

Dr. Philipp, postdoctoral fellow of Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Germany and German Arthritis Research Center, and Principal Investigator of SPARK and DFG projects, accompanied by Tang Yifei, deputy director of the International Folk Science and Technology Exchange Center of Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology, visited Lingyin Campus of Zhejiang Hospital located on the banks of the West Lake. This was his first visit to China, and Zhejiang Hospital was his first destination. Philipp is an expert in the field of kidney diseases, good at the diagnosis and treatment of common and difficult kidney diseases, and is much experienced in kidney transplantation. He has published dozens of papers in high-end journals in related fields in the past three years.

Chen Jianguo, Chief Physician and Director of Nephrology Department of Zhejiang Hospital, Shen Jiong, Director of Organization and Personnel Department, Yang Li, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and others accompanied him and introduced relevant conditions.

Yang Li, on behalf of the hospital, warmly welcomed the arrival of Philipp. She introduced that Zhejiang Hospital affiliated to the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province was established in 1954 and was a Grade-III Class-A general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care. The hospital had advantages in many disciplines. Leading by the diagnosis and treatment of geriatric diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and critical care emergency medical treatment, the hospital had formed a new medical pattern of coordinated development of disciplines.  He also mentioned that Zhejiang Hospital had taken a leading position in the development of chronic disease prevention and control.  In the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the hospital ranked top in many aspects. The hospital had actively explored the prevention and control of various common chronic diseases in the elderly and achieved gratifying results. Finally, she said she hoped to carry out more exchange and cooperation with Charité - University Medicine Berlin, Germany, and also invited Philipp to visit the Sandun Campus of Zhejiang Hospital, which was put into operation last year.

Dr. Xu Yuankai from the Nephrology Department of Zhejiang Hospital introduced the condition of the Nephrology Department of Zhejiang Hospital to Philipp. The Nephrology Department of Zhejiang Hospital was established in 1989 and now the Nephrology Ward and Blood Purification Center have been opened under the leadership of Director Chen Jianguo.  The Department can carry out various blood purification treatments, such as hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, peritoneal dialysis and continuous blood purification. The Department can also carry out autologous arteriovenous fistuloplasty, autologous vascular graft arteriovenous fistuloplasty, subcutaneous tunneled deep vein permanent catheter indwelling, and allogeneic vascular transplantation. The Department is good at solving the vascular access problems of patients receiving maintenance blood purification treatment, and has made significant progress in first aid for drug poisoning and toxicant poisoning as well as various critical emergencies by blood purification technology, especially for elderly patients with multiple organ failure.  In recent years, the Department has made accurate diagnosis and reasonable treatment for rare and even difficult and severe kidney diseases, such as: ANCA-associated vasculitis, refractory nephrotic syndrome, and POEMS syndrome.

The two sides made further exchanges on the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. Philipp said that more exchange activities could be carried out in the future to jointly explore the cutting-edge research on the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases.

Dr. Wang Yan from the Department of Intensive Care Medicine of Zhejiang Hospital shared the experience of exchanging and learning at Charité - University Medicine Berlin, Germany. She said that the three months was of far-reaching significance for her. She not only learned advanced medical technology but also a new medical perspective was opened up for her.

Philipp then visited the Sino-American Diabetes Center and visited wards, classrooms and other places with great interest. He said that it was the first time that he had visited China, and the first time that he had seen the hospital in China. He hoped that there would be more opportunities to exchange with Zhejiang Hospital in the future. He also welcomed the hospital to send doctors to Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Germany for further study.