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Warm medical action in winter-Our hospital has successfully completed the medical security work for the women's 10km race in hangzhou in 2019

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On the morning of December 8, 2019, it is winter by the bank of qianjiang river. Intercontinental hotels eastward surge of head, by the sports bureau of hangzhou and hangzhou jianggan district people's government hosted the first women's 10 km run the new landmark in hangzhou qianjiang new city CBD, zhejiang hospital as the official medical partners undertake medical security task, the event - zhejiang, zhejiang province Red Cross hospital the emergency rescue of the Red Cross volunteer service work to develop health care plan earnestly, the successful completion of the game this health care work.


About 2,500 people took part in the event, which aims to attract female runners to sweat out "beauty on the road". Run, live their own ", pass "self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-improvement" of the new era of female spirit. Health care work in our hospital in zhejiang province Red Cross hospital, zhejiang team as the core, the emergency rescue of the Red Cross volunteer service by heart, orthopedic, emergency physicians, medical simulation centre with AHA senior tutor, intensive medicine and emergency department nurses and rehabilitation therapists, emergency personnel composition is a good soldier character, health care team by the Red Cross hospital, zhejiang, zhejiang province captain Ren Min served as the leader, the emergency rescue of the Red Cross volunteer service personnel before the medical ambulance station and first aid staff, first aid kit and track AED use have strict training, etc. It is worth mentioning, in order to the tournament, zhejiang hospital has sent a special cardiopulmonary rehabilitation team, they are all over the country came to zhejiang medical institutions hospital cardiac rehabilitation center training medical staff, as volunteers, through professional training, they will be running all the way, the state of the moment to observe the track athletes, found the abnormal situation in a timely manner.


At 7 am on December 8, the medical team arrived at the destination. Although it was cold and windy, everyone was in full spirits and rushed to the designated medical station and responsible road according to the pre-race division. They checked the first aid kit, AED and some trauma medicine and waited for the competition.


As the official medical partner of this hangzhou women's 10km road race, our hospital has made active preparations for medical treatment. According to the race, we have set up four fixed medical points and three emergency teams, with a total of more than 30 people. In the competition, I dealt with some runners' sprains and bruises on their legs in time. The cardiopulmonary rehabilitation team watched every competitor at any time, timely found the safety hazard, and accompanied the last runner across the finish line.


Each member has always maintained a work full of passion and dedication, serious and responsible, provide a full range of medical services, with their own love and practical action, to warm each participant, with high quality and good quality, fully shows the contingency ability, ZheYi perfectly interpret ZheYi spirit of selfless dedication, successfully completed the event medical security task.


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