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High standards and strict requirements - Zhejiang hospital held a mobilization meeting for the level 3-A hospital re-evaluation

Author: 网站管理员  Hits: 15365 Time: 2019-12-09

On December 4, 2019, lingyin campus of zhejiang hospital held a mobilization meeting for the level 3-A hospital re-evaluation and government leaders of the hospital and the middle-level cadres of the hospital participated.


The director of HONG Chaoyang in Zhejiang hospital carried out the mobilization speech for the level 3-A hospital re-evaluation. He especially stressed that the evaluation of the level 3-A hospital hospitals is an inevitable requirement of the reform of public hospitals, and also an important thrust to strengthen the connotation construction of hospitals and promote the sustainable development of hospitals, which was not only related to the long-term development of hospitals, but also related to the immediate interests of employees. He said, there was no end in quality, safety and efficiency. We needed to recognize that there is still a gap between hospital standards and public expectations. We needed a sense of urgency that sometimes does not apply to us. We needed the whole hospital to mobilize, took responsibility to the people, started from us and devote ourselves to it. We would take the evaluation standards of grade of zhejiang general hospitals (2019 edition) as the starting point, adhering to the principle of "six emphases and three nots" (emphasis on service, management, quality, safety, foundation and security, no practice of form, sport or fraud) and the policy of "sixteen characters" (promote construction by evaluation, promote reform by evaluation, promote construction by evaluation and focus on connotation). We needed to do a good job in all aspects of our work to ensure significant progress in hospital management, medical quality, hospital service, medical safety, technical level and public welfare. We need to continue to promote discipline development, build first-class hospitals, promote their comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, and strive to pass the review within one year. HONG Chaoyang also made specific arrangements for the implementation of the inspection work, including: the composition of the inspection leading group and office, the composition and responsibilities of the evaluation and construction working group, and the requirements for the inspection work of each functional department and clinical medical technology department; The main work plan and work requirements of each stage of the inspection; Inspection discipline, etc.


YAN Jing, the secretary of the party committee of zhejiang hospital, made a summary and speech. He said that the hospital must attach great importance to the review, to meet the review, to make the people satisfied, to make the government satisfied. The whole hospital should be full of spirit and the confidence to win in the inspection work. Zhejiang hospital had entered a new era of coordinated development with two campuses. Sandun campus had been in operation for one and a half years, and all the work had gradually entered the track of benign development. In particular, it needed to meet the examination and promotion of the level 3-A hospital review, and it needed to truly keep up with the standards from the connotation, high standards and strict requirements, and even the international hospital review standards with higher requirements. The whole hospital should break the boundaries, unity and cooperation, pay close attention to the connotation, find the gap and catch up. He finally stressed review work in hospitals, the department, is of great significance to individuals, related to whether can realize the modernization of the construction of domestic first-class international famous general hospital vision, act immediately, any department, any individual must obey the hospital overall situation, for better, faster, more hospital development contribution strength, to ensure the work of hospital to a better level!