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[warm medicine] warm medicine, warm people, warm heart -"Improving the medical service and patients experience-warm medical" that "warm medicine" one

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Some people say that the furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but the patient standing in front of the doctor, the doctor only saw the disease, did not see people. In fact, medicine is both a product of love and a warm science. Doctors without love, no matter how high the technology, also like the stars as distant and dim, can not warm the heart.


Morality development, superb technology

Character is as fragrant as the spring breeze, and medical skill is as exquisite as heaven

To be a skilled warm doctor with high character and skill

To be a warm doctor who will serve with kindness

To be a warm doctor who will share and respect and love medicine and people. 


On the afternoon of November 20, the 100-day campaign of "improving medical service and improving patient experience" was officially launched in our hospital. In its 65 years of history, the hospital has always been adhering to the core values of "zhen DE jingshu", and has built itself into a high-level and modern provincial first-class general hospital with the belief of "one point of care, 99 years of hard work, 100 percent of precision and 100 percent of responsibility". Don't forget to be a doctor, remember the health mission! This time, standing in the area of the two together all ZheYi of the high-speed development of the new starting point, to dig the medical service connotation, continuous improved medical experience, from medical technology, service, culture, etc, the multidimensional continuous innovation of medical service mode, provide high quality service for patients, to improve the patient's medical treatment satisfaction and sense of the people's health.


YAN Jing, secretary of the party committee, HONG Chaoyang, dean, CAO Yongbao, JIN Xiaoqing and SONG Baishan, deputy deans, HE Xiaobo, secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, and all middle-level cadres attended the ceremony, which was presided over by song baishan.


In her speech, YAN Jing said that in 2018, zhejiang launched a "one-time-only" reform in health services to solve problems such as the difficulty and annoyance of seeing doctors. In 2019, the zhejiang provincial commission of health and health promoted the "1+5" strategy to continuously improve patients' satisfaction with medical treatment and sense of well-being. Our hospital has a good level of medical service, a good historical and cultural tradition, since entering the era of the district of the two Chambers, has also harvested every aspect of the affirmation. It is believed that through such an action, taking responsibility and paying close attention to the implementation, the overall quality and effect of medical services, the safety awareness of hospital staff and the medical experience of patients will be improved, so as to improve the popularity and reputation of the hospital.


Hong Chaoyang on the "warm doctor" 100 days of action to make the deployment. In the next one hundred days, one hundred days will be sent to you by "warm medical" action of technical articles, services, culture, improve medical quality and medical technology, and at the same time to carry out the optimization of this process, "three meters sunshine" warm medical theme activities, "five-star 37 ℃ warm" selection, etc., is committed to the environment, leading examining, registration, consulting, nursing, medical treatment and so on each link to provide the humanized service for patients, will also be through the party branch activities into the community, cultural lecture hall, "warm medical" essay and speech contest and so on all kinds of activities to enhance the cohesion of employees, further harmonious doctor-patient relationship.


Then, the first activity of the "warm medicine" 100-day action -- the special lecture of "narrative medicine and clinical practice" in the culture lecture hall officially opened. Shu watcher, director of the intensive care unit of zhejiang xin 'an international hospital, presented the "story-king" experience of narrative medicine with his own experience in critical care medicine and narrative medicine. How to practice medical narrative ability? The lesson she learned from her years of writing: get a good title; Simple and popular, as far as possible with the language of popular science to describe the complex process; Write the difficulty of medical treatment, do not write the doctor's hard, with words to describe the difficulty of technology; Protecting patient privacy; Precise terminology; Narrative has temperature, reason is not sensational; Storytelling is king.


The spring breeze ten kilometers is inferior to you, warm the doctor also. With the deepening of the medical reform and the intensification of the competition in the medical market, the people's demand for medical care and health is increasing day by day. It has become a must for the sustainable and healthy development of every hospital to improve patients' medical experience and patients' satisfaction with medical services. And when it comes to warm medicine, the famous printmaker zhang Yang xi's woodcut printmaking -- "rescue" is undoubtedly the best interpretation of our hospital's "warm medicine" tradition, which fully demonstrates the hospital's core values of "zhen DE jing art" and the good brand image of "virtue has fragrance like spring breeze, art has no limit to seize the nature". Yan jing concluded: "this year marks the 65th anniversary of the founding of our hospital. As a cultural symbol of the hospital, rescue is known to more people. It is believed that through this "warm doctor" 100-day action, patients will have a good impression of the hospital, fully feel the hospital's humanistic care and high-quality medical services, will further shorten the distance between the hospital, medical staff and patients.