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Be synchronize with city internationalization! Our hospital held the 2019 international hospital evaluation mobilization meeting

Author: 网站管理员  Hits: 16471 Time: 2019-12-09

On the afternoon of November 20, our hospital held the 2019 annual mobilization meeting for evaluation of international hospitals. YAN Jing, secretary of the party committee, HONG Chaoyang, president, CAO Yongbao, JIN Xiaoqing, SONG Baishan, deputy directors, HE Xiaobo, secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, and all middle-level cadres attended the meeting. Mr. Hong chaired the meeting.

HONG Chaoyang pointed out that medical internationalization was an important part of the internationalization of a city, as well as an important carrier and key to keep up with the forefront of international medical development and promote the continuous development of medical and health services, so as to keep pace with the internationalization of hangzhou city and build a high-level modern hospital in strict accordance with the construction standards of international hospitals. International hospital evaluation was a comprehensive evaluation of hospital administration, medical quality and other overall strength. This review wasa new starting point for the hospital, which was of great significance in deepening the reform of public hospitals, promoting the long-term development of hospitals, and enhancing the sense of professional value of hospital staff.

Hospital leaders attached great importance to this issue after we received the notice of hangzhou municipal health commission on the implementation of 2019 international hospital evaluation. Then we immediately held a special meeting, on the basis of the previous stage of the hospital's continuous construction to the international famous hospital, set up the organization of the hospital's international construction, defined the responsibility department, established the work system, formulated the hospital's international development plan, defined the goals and tasks, and organized the implementation and regular evaluation.

In order to assess the preparation ready for international hospital, make the work effective, chao-yang hung hospital departments strict according to law, continue to improve medical quality and safety level, hospital management to international standards, with international vision, attaches great importance to international cooperation, to create a good environment, strengthening the support capability, to plan, implement, supervision and improve. To build a first-class international hospital. We should take the opportunity of creating the work to continuously improve the hospital's medical service capacity, earnestly do a good job in key work, and provide better service for people's health!