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How can I have high blood pressure at such a young age?

Huang, 28, was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure during an on-boarding physical examination organized by his company. Just start, small yellow does not believe, think the blood pressure th..

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High quality medical treatment, heading for the mountains and the sea! Our hospital signed a contract to help Zhejiang medical and health by" mountain

On the afternoon of March 29th, the signing ceremony of "Shanhai" upgrade project for medical and health care in Zhejiang Province was held in Hangzhou. Thirty-two mountain island county people's go..

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What should I do if I find a lung nodule? Why Prostate Cancer Screening?

In order to reflect the government and society's care for veterans, enhance the awareness of self-health care for veterans and their families, and advocate a civilized and healthy way of life, Toget..

Author: Hits: 1226Time: 2021-03-29

Snoring that can not be improved after adjusting life style must be treated seriously  

Next Friday marks this year's World Sleep Day, with the theme "Get regular sleep for a healthy future". It can be difficult to get a good night's sleep in the modern world for a variety of re..

Author: Hits: 1224Time: 2021-03-16

Concern and Warm Hearts -- Leaders at all levels visited the medical staff of our hospital during the Spring Festival

Jade bowed out of the rat, the Taurus winter jasmine, in 2021 the Spring Festival approaching, on February 8, the zhejiang province WeiJianWei steer clear director xu feihong line came to our hospit..

Author: Hits: 1229Time: 2021-02-18

Arrangement of nucleic acid detection and collection in our hospital during the Spring Festival holiday

Fellow citizens,   The arrangement of nucleic acid detection and collection in our hospital during the Spring Festival holiday is as follows: From February 11th to 14th (New Year's Eve..

Author: Hits: 1158Time: 2021-02-10

Regional cooperation, heart-brain linkage -- Our hospital held the opening meeting of chest pain center/stroke center treatment system and chest pain

In China, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases rank first in the mortality rate of residents, which is higher than tumor and other diseases and seriously endangers people's health. The av..

Author: Hits: 1266Time: 2021-01-25

We have joined hands with Zhejiang University to embark on a new journey of cooperation.

In order to further improve our overall strength, and constantly satisfy the demand for high quality medical service, the broad masses to adapted to the important window that construction of high le..

Author: Hits: 1274Time: 2021-01-08

Guidelines on Ethical Review Application and Report

Guidelines on Ethical Review Application and Report Dear investigators and sponsors, In order to help you understand the application process and considerations for ethical review at our hospit..

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Library Work System

Library Work System   The medical library is the hospital's literature information center, a professional and technical institution for medical treatment, teaching, research and managemen..

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