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Our college held a red orientation campaign for party history learning and education

Run a "red landscape" Set off a "red wave" Led a "red trend" In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and strengthen the learning an..

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Zhejiang Clinical Medical Research Center of Critical Care Medicine Launched

On October 29, the launch meeting of Zhejiang Province Critical Care Medicine Clinical Medical Research Center and the inaugural meeting of Zhejiang Province Critical Care Medicine Clinical Medical ..

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The mobilization meeting of the National Natural Science Foundation of China for 2022 was held

In the afternoon of October 28, the hospital held a mobilization meeting for the declaration of the National Natural Science Foundation of China for the year 2022. President Chen Jun, Secretary of t..

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Accelerate the development of geriatrics and improve the geriatric medical service system--Democratic League Provincial Committee visited our hospital to carry out research on the theme of "strengthen

On November 4, Xu Yanfeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), deputy secretary-general and full-time de..

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Save the brain with a "B" for every second - This clinic is not to be missed on World Stroke Day

October 29, 2021 is the 16th World Stroke Day. Stroke (commonly known as "stroke") is characterized by high incidence, high disability, high mortality and high recurrence rate, with rapid onset, rap..

Author: Hits: 988Time: 2021-10-25

At what age should I be concerned about osteoporosis? This is a talk you don't want to miss!

    October 20 is "International Osteoporosis Day", and this year's theme is "Early Bone Screening, Early Fracture Prevention". Osteoporosis is a systemic bone disease that causes a decr..

Author: Hits: 1090Time: 2021-10-22

"Health Service, Red Heart Action" - Our hospital goes to the grassroots to talk to you about chest pain

 In order to popularize the knowledge about cardiovascular diseases and raise the public's concern about their own health, Zhejiang Hospital Heart Center (Clinical First Party Branch) will carr..

Author: Hits: 990Time: 2021-10-20

"Learn the history of the Party, do not forget the original intention, send health to the people" - our hospital went to the social welfare center to send health!

    In order to actively carry out a series of public welfare activities for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, on the morning of October 18, the Party branches of our hos..

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The 12th "Double-Ninth Festival - Zhejiang Hospital and your health appointment" geriatric disease prevention knowledge lecture week is about to open

 Spring is gone, summer is gone, and autumn is here again. In order to welcome the Double-Ninth Festival and protect the health of the elderly, the 12th " Double-Ninth Festival - Zhejiang Hos..

Author: Hits: 1087Time: 2021-10-14

Double Ninth or Yang Festival! Only to guard your health! The long-awaited charity clinic arrives today as promised!

 In October, the golden autumn is cool and the Double Ninth or Yang Festival is coming. Celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Party and helping you and me to be healthy, the opening ..

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