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[Department Name] Brain Center
 [Number of Beds]109
 [E-mail] nkzx2018@163.com
 [Contact Tell] 057187377395 

 [Department Location]  Floor 1 & 3, Building 9, Lingyin Hospital; Floor 8, Inpatient Department Building, Sandun Hospital
 [Academic Status
    The brain center has formed distinct characteristics in discipline management, personnel echelon construction and scientific research capacity output, which has laid its own advantages and status. It is now the stroke screening and prevention base awarded by the National Health Commission and Brain Prevention Commission, Stroke Center of Chinese Stroke Association, Zhejiang Stroke Alliance unit, cryogenic stroke screening base, e Pa Alliance unit of the National Geriatric Research Center, and China Parkinsons Disease Alliance Unit. Academic leader, Wan Shu, chief physician, professor, the current vice President of Zhejiang hospital, is Zhejiang province health high-level innovation talents, Zhejiang province innovation discipline (trauma) reserve leader, and national WeiJianWei brain appoint hemorrhagic stroke interventional therapy professional committee, Wu JiPing medical foundation stroke committee, Chinese youth committee of medical doctor association, Yangtze river delta cerebrovascular disease specialist union, deputy secretary-general, mathematical medical society standing director of Zhejiang province, precision professional committee director of cerebrovascular disease, Zhejiang physician association of nerve intervention professional committee , Standing member of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention and Control Professional Committee of Zhejiang Preventive Medical Association, director of Zhejiang Stroke School Association, standing member of Neurosurgery Branch and other academic positions. He has presided over 1 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, 1 key research and development project of Zhejiang Province, and more than 10 other provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects. He has published more than 30 academic papers as the first author or corresponding author, among which more than 20 are included in SCI. Assuming as associate editor-in-chief for Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases, and communication review expert for The National Natural Science Fund and other journals as Experimental Cell Research, International Journal of General Medicine, BioMed Research International, Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment.

[Technical Advantages

The center is equipped with international advanced Simens Artis pheno and Philips FD20 DSA machines, Simens Skyra 3.0 T and GE 1.5T magnetic resonance, Simens Force new dual-source CT, otolith reduction instrument, TCD machine, electromyography instrument, video electroencephalograph and other professional diagnosis and treatment equipment; It has a world-class hybrid operating room, equipped with Zeiss Pentero 900 fluorescence microscope, Stroz neuroendoscopy, intraoperative electrophysiological monitoring system, Medtronic high-speed gas drill, Stryker high-speed electric drill and micro-grinding drill and a series of advanced surgical instruments. With capabilities for clinical support including remote consultation, distance education, and remote ward rounds.

With the main feature of "accurate diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases", the center has established a unified and standardized comprehensive treatment system for cerebrovascular diseases.The Neurointerventional Department has carried out interventional diagnosis and treatment of various cerebrovascular diseases, including whole brain and spinal cord angiography, arterial thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke, stenting of intracranial and external artery stenosis, carotid artery stripping, intracranial aneurysm embolization and clipping, cerebral arteriovenous malformation embolization and other projects.  Within two years of its establishment, the center has completed more than 1,500 cerebral / spinal vascular interventional-related operations, including more than 500 therapeutic cases, and the number and quality of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment rank among the top in the province.At the same time, the center has close exchanges and cooperation with a number of top cerebrovascular disease hospitals at home and abroad. At the 2019 Wuzhen World Internet Conference in China, the center broadcast a neurointerventional surgery to the world through the latest 5G surgery live broadcast technology.The department of Neurology mainly features the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic cerebrovascular diseases, dizziness and dizziness, epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease) and neuroimmune diseases. In 2019, the center led the establishment of the vertigo diagnosis and treatment Center, introducing the first vertigo diagnosis and treatment instrument in Zhejiang Province. More than 2,000 patients were treated within 2 years, and the rate of vertigo relief reached more than 90%, which has gradually developed into a platform for the diagnosis and treatment of difficult vertigo diseases in Zhejiang Province.The main development direction of neurosurgery is critical craniocerebral injury, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of intracranial tumors and functional neurosurgery.

 [Research Orientations
1. Diagnosis and treatment of senile cerebrovascular diseases

2. Accurate diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases based on hemodynamic analysis
3. Neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, etc.)

3. Dizziness and headache

4. Critical severe brain injury
 [Job Descriptions

Taking nervous system related diseases as brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, etc at the core, the Brain Center of Zhejiang Hospital is integrating the related disciplines of neurology, neurosurgery, neurointervention and neuroelectrophysiology, adopting the one-stop, all-round and standardized management concept, and creating a modern neurology medical treatment center that fully integrates multiple disciplines and has complementary advantages in sub-specialties. The Brain Center now has a first-class multidisciplinary team of experts, skilled nursing staff, a well-equipped neurological intensive care unit, and a warm and tidy ward environment. The ordinary outpatient, expert outpatient and special disease outpatient services are open all year round. There are totally 105 beds at the two major hospital areas of Lingyin and Sandun. It was awarded as the humanistic love department of the National Medical Doctor Association, Excellent Grassroots Party Organization of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, provincial Youth Civilization number and other honors.

[Subject Experts

Wan Shu, chief physician

Li Yaguo, chief physician

Shen Zheng, chief physician

Liu Xiaoli, chief physician

Qiao Song, chief physician

Wu Tong, chief physician

Chen Huaihong, chief physician

Ni Jiaona, chief physician

Jin Yu, chief physician

Wang Ming, associate chief physician

Sun Hu, associate chief physician

Xu Shanhu,  associate chief physician

Zhou Yumiao, associate chief physician

Wang Yanwen, associate chief physician

Gong Jie, associate chief physician

Wang Junjun, associate chief physician