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Name:Publicity & Unified Front Work Department

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Brief introduction:

Name: Publicity & Unified Front Work Department

Office address: Room 312, F3, Building 8 (Lingyin Area), and Room 418, Administration Building (Sandun Area)

Tel.: 0571-81595233 (Lingyin Area), 0571-87377048 (Sandun Area)

Brief introduction:

Job responsibilities:

1. Functions: In the leadership of Hospital Party Committee, implement health publicity guidelines and policies of the party according to relevant requirements of competent superior departments for publicity and unified front work. Be responsible for hospital publicity, ideology, ideological education, cultural and ideological construction, and unified front work.

2. Superior: Secretary of Party Committee.

3. Affiliated department: none.

4. Tasks and duties:


Main contents


1. Prepare management systems for hospital publicity to further standardize hospital publicity.

2. Prepare and implement publicity plan of the hospital with center on key work tasks of the hospital.

3. Be responsible for the construction and management of internal publicity field of the hospital. Internal publicity field includes hospital newspaper, hospital bulletin board, electronic screen, cultural landscape and other carriers.

4. Be responsible for external publicity of the hospital. Build up self-media publicity platforms such as WeChat official account and official Weibo; standardize information release of official website of the hospital; be responsible for media liaison and interview reception, be responsible for the guidance, standardization, communication and coordination of the interviews to departments and individuals; establish good relations with media, form full-media publicity pattern, and continuously improve the brand influence and social reputation of the hospital.

5. Guide, coordinate and urge relevant departments to carry out the layout design and update of service functions and signboards of official website and WeChat official accounts of the hospital.

6. Strengthen correspondent team construction, establish news publicity network covering all hospital departments, and cultivate and improve the professional quality of propagandist team to guarantee the timeliness, accuracy and quality of publicity information.

7. Be responsible for the collection and archiving of publicity data of the hospital.


1. Implement ideological work responsibility system to grasp the leadership in ideological work and ensure healthy development of the hospital.

2. Perform public opinion management and monitoring of the hospital, grasp correct public opinion orientation, and guide online public opinions appropriately to create good public opinion atmosphere for hospital development.

3. Be responsible for the approval and supervision of internal organizations and self-media publicity fields of the hospital.

4. Be responsible for layout review of wall-hung publicity materials and propaganda materials such as department pamphlets, roll-up banners and ppt.

Ideological education

1. Strengthen ideological and political work, carry out in-depth publicity and education on Xi Jinping's new-era socialism with Chinese characteristics, carry out the education on socialism core value, and carry forward noble spirit.

2. Carry out the publicity on science advocation and heresy opposition, and carry out the work related to ethnicity and religion.

Cultural and ideological construction

Be responsible for cultural and ideological construction of the hospital, build up good occupational image in industry system or even the society, and make efforts to create good atmosphere of respecting medical health.

Unified front work

Be responsible for unified front work; strengthen the political leadership of grass-roots organization of democratic parties in the hospital, and carry out the work of non-party intellectuals.


1. Complete the contents specified in the pledges for the construction of honest and clean government, hospital ethics construction, ideology, objective management and work safety concluded between the department and the hospital.

2. Carry out continual quality improvement related to the work of the department.

3. Complete the other work assigned by Hospital Party Committee and competent superior departments.