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Name:Breast Surgery Department

Ward Address :Floor 2, Building 1

Outpatient Service Address :Zone B, Floor 2, Outpatient Building


Department Info:

In the past, the treatments of various breast diseases were mainly conducted by the General Surgery Department, and the Breast Surgery Department was established in October 2015. The department is equipped with excellent technologies and is capable of carrying out the diagnosis and treatment of various breast diseases, and has the treatment of breast hyperplasia, breast inflammatory diseases, minimally invasive surgery for benign breast tumors, breast cancer surgery and comprehensive treatment, especially breast preservation surgery and breast reconstruction surgery, and sentinel lymph node biopsy of breast cancer. The hospital is equipped with advanced color ultrasound, molybdenum target, magnetic resonance and other inspection equipment, which could facilitate the early diagnosis of breast cancer. The advanced Mermerton vacuum-assisted minimally invasive breast rotation system (The Mammotome System) is capable of performing precise minimally invasive surgery. Meanwhile, the multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment (MDT) group of breast cancer is established to provide comprehensive treatment of breast cancer. Major research orientations: comprehensive means to intervene in breast cancer prevention; treatment of elderly breast cancer.

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Subject Experts:

Zhou Juandi

Associate chief physician

Chen Jie

Associate chief physician

Ma Bo

Chief physician