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Name:Health Management Center

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Outpatient Service Address :Lingyin Hospital: Room 318, Third Floor, Outpatient Building; Sandun Hospital: Fourth Building, Inpa


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The Health Management Center of Zhejiang Hospital is affiliated to Zhejiang Hospital, which is the earliest unit to carry out physical examination in the province, the national "health management demonstration base", designated hospital for physical examination for provincial physical examination for provincial civil servant recruitment, and designated hospital for physical examination in the United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea and Malaysia.
The center was founded in the early 1980s. At the beginning of its establishment, it undertook the health care physical examination of senior cadres in the province and even in China, and gradually expanded to the health physical examination of social groups and individual residents.At present, there are outpatient physical examination, VIP check-in physical examination and VIP member centers
The center undertakes a large number of enterprises and institutions, government organs, individuals and others every year, and has rich experience in large-scale physical examination. Fully equipped with internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, oral and other clinical specialty examinations, the physical examination doctors are senior doctors in vocational high school, have rich working experience, to ensure the quality of physical examination and provide expert consultation services and specialist medical appointment services before and after medical examination. The physical examination package is diversified and could meet the health needs of people at different levels.Advanced and perfect physical examination information system, can establish the integrity, continuity and confidential health records for customers.
The physical examination equipment of the center adopts the world-class brandA large number of advanced medical equipment, such as Siemens dual-source CT, Philips 3.0T full-body magnetic resonance scanner, Siemens MAMMOMAT Novation DR full digital breast molybdenum target X-ray camera. Besides these, the Health Management Center could also undertake the full range high-end physical examination services.
As a professional membership health management service organization, VIP member center provides the elite with comprehensive health management, including personalized health experience, exclusive personal health records, health assessment and disease prediction, psychological counseling, lifestyle tracking intervention, expert team consultation, health lectures, etc.
The health examination center has always upheld the service concept of people-oriented, subjects first, relying on the hospitals strong comprehensive medical technology and high-precision equipment to serve the general public and escort your health.

Subject Experts:

Feng Zhan

Associate chief physician