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The Obstetrics Department of Zhejiang Hospital integrates medical treatment, scientific research and teaching.Not only has strong technical strength and advanced medical equipment, but also comfortable first-class ward environment. The overall professional quality of the medical staff is excellent and exquisite technology.After years of vigorous development, it has formed a medical team of the old, mid-age and young three generations combined, with both medical, teaching and research ability.

The Obstetrics Department is well-equipped with complete infrastructures, with single, double and three-person wards, which could meet the needs of different pregnant women. The outpatient department has the director and deputy chief physician experts all the year round, good at high-risk pregnancy, genetic counseling, postpartum rehabilitation and other pregnancy health care and disease diagnosis and treatment. The outpatient clinics including general obstetric outpatient clinic, expert outpatient clinic, special obstetric outpatient clinic, early pregnancy outpatient clinic, abortion outpatient clinic, postpartum outpatient clinic, pregnant women school, etc., The integration of pregnancy and childbirth enables different pregnant women to get personalized health care education during pregnancy and childbirth, which improves the health care awareness and ability of pregnant women, reduces the rate of cesarean section and obstructed delivery to a certain extent, and ensures the safety of mother and baby.
    Our department is equipped with advanced fetal central monitoring network system, which could timely find the abnormal pregnant woman fetus and take timely and effective treatment measures. The imported multi-functional delivery beds have been purchased, and technical projects such as douele labor, painless delivery, accompanying delivery, vaginal delivery after cesarean section and postoperative analgesia have been carried out, so as to relieve many pregnant women from the tension and fear of childbirth.
      The obstetrics ward has carried out neonatal disease screening, neonatal hearing screening, neonatal congenital heart disease screening, stroke, swimming and other businesses to guide maternal breastfeeding.

Over the recent years, our department has also undertaken the clinical teaching and practice teaching tasks of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou Medical College and other colleges and universities. It is a national standardized training base for obstetrics and gynecology residents, hospital-level youth civilization number, and hospital-level clean department.

In future, we will comprehensively improve the medical level in the fields of difficult obstetrics, critical obstetrics and postpartum rehabilitation, and serve the majority of pregnant women with a dedicated, pragmatic, rigorous and dedicated medical concept.

Outpatient Information:

1. Li Lijie:

Director of Obstetrics Department of Zhejiang Hospital, chief physician, also a standing member of the Biomedical Professional Committee of Zhejiang Mathematical Medicine Association, a member of Zhejiang Physician Association, and a member of Zhejiang CorCord Blood Clinical Application Professional Committee. Specialized in diagnosis and treatment and management of blood type incompatibility and immune diseases; diagnosis and treatment of early and third trimester bleeding; fetal intrauterine ultrasound abnormalities and genetic consultation; analysis of the selection of late pregnancy and delivery mode; analysis and judgment of fetal monitoring figures and mastery of various obstetric vaginal midwifery operations and difficult cesarean section.

Outpatient: The whole day of Monday for special need outpatient service, and the whole day of Thursday for expert outpatient service


2. Xu Qiaolin:

Associate chief physician, Director Assistant of Obstetrics Department, Member of Family Planning Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, graduated from Wenzhou Medical University, master degree. Has been engaged in the clinical work of obstetrics and gynecology for 20 years, and with rich experience in the treatment of recurrent abortion and obstetric emergency and severe diseases.

Outpatient: The whole day of Tuesday for expert outpatient service


3. Fang Yujuan:

Associate chief physician, has been engaged in the clinical work of obstetrics and gynecology for more than 30 years, with rich clinical experience, skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and difficult diseases in obstetrics and gynecology, especially the diagnosis and treatment of pathological pregnancy and obstetric complications; with unique insights into instrumental midwifery and breastfeeding.

Outpatient: The whole day of Friday for expert outpatient service


4. Wu Jianhe:

Associate chief physician, has been working in obstetrics and gynecology for more than 20 years, and has rich clinical experience, proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of frequently-occurring diseases and common diseases in obstetrics and gynecology, especially good at the treatment of pregnancy combined with psychological diseases, such as rich experience in psychological counseling for pregnant women.

Outpatient: The whole day of Wednesday for expert outpatient service


5. Li Xiumin:

Master degree, graduated from Wenzhou Medical University, associate chief physician, proficient in dealing with frequently-occurring and common diseases in obstetrics, such as prenatal and postnatal care, pregnancy health care, standard diagnosis and treatment of high-risk pregnancy and premature birth, especially good at the treatment of cervical insufficiency and recurrent abortion.

Outpatient: Expert outpatient not decided yet


6. Li Miao:

Has been engaged in the clinical work of obstetrics and gynecology for more than 20 years, with rich clinical work experience. With extensive experience in systematic health care during pregnancy, and nutrition during pregnancy, weight management, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy complications, diagnosis and treatment of dystocia and obstetric crisis, acute and severe cases.

Outpatient: The whole day of Saturday for expert outpatient service