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Name:Cadre Health Department

Office Address :门诊大楼1楼


Department Info:

Office address: F1, Outpatient Building

Tel.: (0571) 87975975

Brief introduction:

[Job responsibilities]

(1) Functions: Be responsible for the organization, coordination and management of cadre medical and health work in the leadership of the Director.

(2) Superior: Director

(3) Affiliated departments: Zijingyayuan Infirmary, Baoshiyuan Infirmary, No. 70 Infirmary, Health Care Clinic, and Key Protection Clinic

(4) Tasks and duties:

1) Prepare annual health work plan according to the Director's instructions, and organize implementation, and carry out on-schedule summarization and reporting.

2) Improve health work rules and regulations, and be responsible for supervision, inspection and assessment.

3) Implement cadre health policies to standardize medical behaviors of health workers.

4) Organize health workers to receive business training. Promote new technologies and new methods, optimize service attitudes, and improve medical service quality.

5) Organize and coordinate relevant departments of the hospital in the technical support and logistics support during the treatment of health objects to ensure convenient, accurate, safe and efficient health work.

6) Be fully responsible for the medical treatment, physical examination, follow-up visit, ward round and health education of health objects.

7) Establish health archives of health objects, regularly analyze health status of health objects, and revise preventive measures and treatment program in time.

8) Be responsible for the arrangement and management of health business trips, organizing and coordinating internal and external consultation of health objects and handling sudden events.

9) Regularly check medical care quality, service attitude and management conditions of infirmaries and key protection clinics of health points, and carry out timely feedback and rectification.

10) Be fully responsible for expert review meeting on physical examination data of health objects.

11) Understand the opinions and suggestions of health objects on health work deeply, and ensure timely rectification and feedback.

12) Carefully listen to the good suggestions and requirements of superior departments on health work, and organize rectification and improvement in time.

13) Coordinate with provincial health bureau in the performance appraisal of full-time health workers held twice a year.

14) Check and urge the implementation of the rules and regulations and technical operation regulations centered on health job responsibility system to prevent and eradicate accidents and mistakes.

15) Be responsible for the submission of condition report of health objects.

16) Grasp basic conditions of medical health team, and carry out personnel selection and cultivation of cadre health team.

17) Complete the mandatory or temporary work assigned by the Director and superior health departments in time.