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Name:Orthopedics Department 3

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Department Info:

Our department is newly established in 2018, currently there are 50 beds. Although the department is established for a short time, but the technical force is strong. This is a medical team composed of the former orthopedic technical backbone of Zhejiang Hospital and 5 doctors from the 117th PLA Hospital, with a high level of medical teaching and research, and it could carry out all kinds of orthopedic surgery (including microscopic, minimally invasive, difficult and difficult surgery),

Academic leader: Yang Yonghong, chief physician, a famous expert in the Province employed by our hospital from the 177th PLA Hospital (former Director of Orthopedics Center at the 117th PLA Hospital, Director of the PLA Spinal Surgery Center, Standing Member of Orthopaedic Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, Vice Chairman of Orthopedics Branch of Hangzhou Medical Association, Vice Chairman of Nanjing Military Training Committee, Standing Editorial Board Member of the Editorial Committee to The Chinese Journal of Orthopaedics, and postgraduate tutor at Anhui Medical University). He is currently a member of the Bone and Joint Disease Prevention and Control Professional Committee of the Chinese Preventive Medical Association, Standing Member of the Physical Disability Rehabilitation Professional Committee of the China Rehabilitation Association for Disabled Persons, Member of talent Training Group of Bone Science Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association. He has carried out more than 10,000 orthopedic surgeries, especially in scoliosis, cervical disc herniation, lumbar spondylolisthesis, lumbar disc herniation, spinal deformity correction and various joint arthroplasty, with rich clinical experience and exquisite and skilled surgical skills. He is a famous spinal surgery expert in the province.

Subject Backbone Members

Gu Zenghui, deputy director of the department, chief physician, a famous microsurgery expert in the province employed by our hospital from the 117th PLA Hospital, currently the vice chairman of youth Committee of Microsurgery Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, and he is particularly good at the complex limb disconnection and re-plantation, the reconstruction and repair of severe hand trauma, the free tissue repair of various composite tissue defects, the severed finger (limb) replantation, the local flap, the free flap, the chronic osteomyelitis (bone defect), and the repair of complex fracture of limbs.

Wang Weiqi, associate chief physician, has been engaged in clinical work for 20 years, the main focus is trauma surgery, has rich clinical experience, can complete all kinds of complex trauma orthopedic surgery.

Zhao Xinhua, a young physician employed from the former 117th PLA Hospital, with rich experiences in minimally invasive spine, joint surgery and sports medicine, especially in arthroscopy and foraminal lens, with excellent efficacy.

Liu Huashun, chief physician, has been engaged in clinical work for 17 years, and has rich experience in hand and foot surgery.Especially in hand trauma, broken finger and replantation, upper limb bone and joint diseases and injury, whole body soft tissue defect repair and reconstruction; with certain experiences in Foot and ankle trauma, sports injury, trauma sequelae, foot and ankle congenital and acquired deformity correction .

Technical Advantages

Therefore, there are all kinds of experts specialized in various orthopedic specialties at our department, with a strong technical force, and is equipped with advanced medical treatment facilities as piezosurgery, and neurodetectors, etc. Our diagnosis and treatment level are in a leading position within the province concerning the difficult and complicated orthopedic operations of a high difficulty, such as the high difficulty operations and newly-rising fields such as the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative scoliosis, the spinal deformity orthopedic, complex multisegmental degenerative spinal disease, and total resection of spinal tumors, etc, the arthroscopic shoulder dislocation repair, the shoulder sleeve repair, the reconstruction of the cruciate lilgament, complex limb separation and re-implantation, severe hand trauma reconstruction and repair, the free tissue repair to various composite tissue defects, re-implantation of broken fingers (limbs), and the reconstruction and repair of partial flat, free flat and chronic osteomyelitis (bone defects). In addition to Hangzhou City, our influences also cover various provinces, such as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi and counties and cities in Zhejiang Province such as Ningbo, Jinhua, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jiaxing, Shaoxing and Quzhou. We have a good teaching team for teaching, training and internship, we have actively undertaken scientific research tasks, and we have won 1 national invention patent over the recent years, have undertaken 6 new technologies, have obtained 2 tasks and have published 13 papers, have won the first prize and the third prize of the hospital medical Innovation Award each and currently our department is the National Drug Clinical Test Base.

Special Treatment Items of the Department

1. Spine surgery: Specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of various spinal diseases, for a large number of neck and shoulder, waist and leg pain, scoliosis, lumbar spondylolisthesis, spinal fracture and other patients to relieve the pain. Anterior cervical decompression and fixation / posterior open opening, decompression of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and treatment of foramoscopy, correction of scoliosis deformity, spinal fracture reduction and fixation, etc, have become routine operations of our department. Regular treatment, minor trauma, excellent results, so that patients can recover well and return to society, return to work.

2. Joint surgery: Specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of various joint diseases, to carry out hip dysplasia of pelvic osteotomy, femoral head ischemic necrosis, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and other arthroplasty, arthroscopy, meniscus plasty, repair and arthroscopic cruciate ligament reconstruction of minimally invasive surgery and all kinds of shoulder arthroscopic surgery.

3. Trauma surgery: extensive experience in pelvic fractures, acetabular fractures, limb fractures, hand trauma, and complex bone trauma.It took the lead in carrying out minimally invasive treatment of fractures, including the repair of complex fractures of the limbs, especially for the refractory osteomyelitis and bone nonunion, retaining the previous limbs that need amputation, and restoring the limb function of the patients to the greatest extent, reaching the leading level in China.

4. Microsurgery: capable of conducting replantation of complex limbs, reconstruction and repair of severe hand trauma, free tissue repair of various composite tissue defects, replantation of broken finger severed (limb), local flap, free flap.

5. Hand and foot surgeryProfessional treatment of various diseases and trauma of the hand and foot department.

Department Staffing

Yang Yonghong, Gu Zenghui, Wang Weiqi, Zhao Xinhua, Gui Xiange, Gu Zenghui, Yuan Hang, Yu Jingtao, Liu Huashun, Tong Yongjun, Xie Yaming, Chen Biao, Wu Ruikai

Job Descriptions: currently, there are 13 physicians at the department, including 2 with senior titles, and 12 with degrees above master level. Our duty is to serve the patients wholeheartedly with our superb medical skills, and to relieve their pain is our main task, not for medical gain, not to engage in unhealthy practices.

Special introduction to degenerative scoliosis】:

Dengenerative scoliosis for our department advantage project, once in the 117th PLA Hospital has carried out basic and clinical research, has obtained the provincial natural and provincial public welfare research, worked with the Allegheny general hospital neurosurgery, biomechanical research, the research results used for clinical, formed a unique treatment, reduce the surgical trauma, has achieved good surgical effect.

Dengenerative scoliosis is a senile disease, clinical is not uncommon, with the increasing of social population aging, the disease is mainly spinal disc, bilateral facet joints asymmetric degeneration, scoliosis, cause, rotation, spinal stenosis, spinal instability and nerve compression, patients will appear recurrent low back pain, intermittent claudication, lower limb pain numbness, severe disorder may appear. For the elderly, it causes great pain and progressive aggravation, seriously affecting the quality of life of the elderly. At present, there is no effective conservative treatment method, and the traditional surgical methods are complex, high trauma, difficult, high risk, and poor efficacy, and many doctors are discouraged. After conducting a series of studies, we developed a complete set of surgical methods, which reduced the trauma and bleeding of the surgery, improved the effect of correction, and achieved satisfactory efficacy.

Outpatient Information:

Sandun Hospital:

Chief physician, Yang Yonghong: Outpatient open on every Tuesday and Thursday morning  

Chief physician, Gu Zenghui: Outpatient open on every Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning  

Associate chief physician, Wang Weiqi: every Monday and Thursday morning 

Associate chief physician, Gui Xiange: the whole day of Wednesday

Subject Experts:

Yang Yonghong

Chief Physician

Gu Zenghui

Chief Physician