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Name:Information Center

Office Address :1号楼4楼


Department Info:

Office address: F4, Building 1

Tel.: 0571-81595120

Brief introduction:

[Job responsibilities]

(1) Functions: Be responsible for information construction and management of the hospital in the leadership of the Director and Deputy Director in charge.

(2) Superior: Director and Deputy Director in charge.

(3) Affiliated department: none.

(4) Tasks and duties: In the leadership of the Director and Deputy Director in charge, be responsible for hospital information construction and management, preparing strategic plan, annual work plan of hospital information construction, and organizing implementation, establishing and improving information management rules and regulations, organizing software demonstration and development, software application, maintenance and technical training; be responsible for the budgeting, procurement, allocation and maintenance of information equipment, consumables and network hardware, taking the advantages of the Internet to carry out external publicity of the hospital, and be responsible for the construction and maintenance of hospital website.