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Name:Hospital Infection Control Section

Office Address :5号楼2楼


Department Info:

Office address: F2, Building 5

Tel.: 0571-81595018 

Brief introduction:

Name: Hospital Infection Control Section

Direct superior: Deputy Director in charge

Administrative department: None

Department nature: integrated department of hospital administration and business guidance   

Management functions: Follow the leadership of the director and related deputy director, provide technical guidance of the hospital infection prevention and control tasks, the training of the hospital infection control knowledge and of skills to the hospital, monitor the incidence of hospital infection and disinfection and sterilization, and supervise the application of anti-infective drugs, disinfection equipment, disposable medical and sanitary products as well as medical waste to serve the clinical frontline.

Main responsibilities:

1. Formulate specific rules and regulations for hospital infection management in accordance with health administration regulations and standards issued by locals in China and the state, as well as the actual situation of the hospital, and prepare hospital infection prevention and control plans and work based on the hospital’s work priorities and goals; 

2. Check and guide the implementation of hospital infection management rules and regulations; 

3. Monitor, analyze and give feedback on hospital infections and related risk factors, and propose and conduct prevention and control measures for existing problems; 

4. Supervise and provide technical guidance on hospital environmental hygiene, disinfection and isolation, aseptic operation technology, and medical waste disposal; Review relevant certificates of disinfection equipment and disposable medical and health supplies. Supervise their storage, use and post-use treatment; 

5. Investigate and analyze hospital infection epidemics and outbreaks, promptly propose control measures, organize and coordinate relevant departments to implement such measures, summarize such events and report them to the hospital infection management committee; 

6. Continuously improve every process and technology related to infection treatment.

7. Responsible for supervising the clinical use of antibacterial drugs; 

8. Provide technical guidance to hospital staff when they suffer from occupational exposure and laboratory biosafety;    

9. Conduct training and assessment of the knowledge and skills related to the prevention and control of nosocomial infections for various staff in the hospital; 

10. Carry out special researches on nosocomial infection, assist clinicians and nurses in doing such researches about nosocomial infection including the provision of relevant information. 

11. Complete other tasks assigned by the supervisor or the hospital infection management committee.