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Name:Party & Government General Office - Party Office

Office Address :11号楼2楼


Department Info:

Office address: F2, Building 11

Tel.: 0571-81595035

Brief introduction:

[Job responsibilities]

1. Functions: Be responsible for routine party affairs of Hospital Party Committee in the leadership of Hospital Party Committee.

2. Superior: Secretary of Party Committee.

3. Affiliated department: Each party branch.

4. Tasks and duties:

(1) Be responsible for arranging the meetings, studies and important activities arranged by Party Committee and keeping records carefully in the leadership of Hospital Party Committee. Be responsible for drafting the work plans and summaries of Hospital Party Committee, and urging the implementation of work objective responsibility system of Party Committee.

(2) Perform secretary work of central study group according to work requirements of Party Committee. Organize the theoretical study of party members, cadres and employees carefully, and assist departments in ideological education of employees.

(3) Implement "three-meeting and one lecture" system in the party, strengthen the contact with Party Branch, urge the implementation of the Work Objective Management of Party Branch, and check the implementation of party line, guidelines, policies and resolutions of Hospital Party Committee by Party Branch.

(4) Provide the education and training for party objectives, and carry out development work according to organization development disciplines and procedures.

(5) Perform the management such as party membership dues collection and publicity.

(6) Strengthen effectiveness construction, follow first asking responsibility system of the hospital, duty dereliction investigation system, functional department service commitment system and interim regulations for hospital effectiveness construction, and further transform work styles, improve management capability, work efficiency and service level.

(7) Coordinate with Discipline Committee in hospital ethics construction, occupational ethics construction, strengthen the education and supervision of party members, perform cadre review, and carry out regular alert education. Take the lead in organizing hospital ethics supervision, receive the petition related to hospital ethics, carry out red packet collection and return, and keep records.

(8) Keep in close contact with democratic parties and exchange conditions to bring into play their roles in three-civilization construction.

(9) Be responsible for hospital publicity and reporting, and run hospital newspaper properly. Strengthen cultural and ideological construction and community-related work.

(10) Strengthen the contact and guidance with Hospital Trade Union, Youth League Committee, Women Committee, Security Section and Retirement Section.

(11) Complete the mandatory or temporary work assigned by Hospital Party Committee in time.