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Name:Disease Prevention and Health

Office Address :5号楼2楼


Department Info:

Office address: F2, Building 5

Tel.: 0571-81595348

Brief introduction:

[Job responsibilities]

(1) Functions: Be responsible for the prevention and healthcare of the hospital under the leadership of the Director and Deputy Director in charge.

(2) Superior: Director and Deputy Director in charge.

(3) Affiliated department: none.

(4) Tasks and duties: Monitor and conduct the direct network reporting of the notifiable diseases and public health emergency and in the hospital according to the relevant requirements of the Infectious disease prevention and control law; Carry out the direct network report of and daily management of chronic non-communicable diseases in the hospital, prepare the report cards of and supervise the occupational diseases in the hospital; responsible for the knowledge and skills training about the infectious diseases, chronic non-communicable diseases, public health emergencies, health education, family planning, food hygiene; Conduct family planning management of the hospital, the two-way referral work in the community, and the health education management of both the hospital and the community; Carry out the management of food hygiene as per the food hygiene law; Manage the sick leave of the hospital, provide guidance of and carry out the follow-up of occupational exposure, and other preventive and health care work; And Complete other orders made by relevant superior departments and hospital principals.