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Name:Medical Insurance Office

Office Address :


Department Info:

Office address: F2, Building 5

Tel.: 0571-81595135  

Brief introduction:

[Job responsibilities]

(1) Functions: Manage, under the leadership of the Director and the Deputy Director in charge, the prices and charges, medical insurance, the participation of social security of the hospital staff and their children, and the annual reimbursement of medical expenses for the staff.

(2) Superior: Director and Deputy Director in charge.

(3) Affiliated department: none.

(4) Tasks and duties:

1) Formulate the basic medical insurance for urban employees and its management system of this hospital, and organize its implementation. 

2) Provide explanations for basic medical insurance policies and review the application for medical reimbursement.

3) Strictly implement medical charging standards and mark the price clearly. Supervise the implementation of medical charge standards set by superiors in departments of the hospital. 

4) Make declarations of new technology and new project charging standards developed by the hospital. 

5) Strengthen communication with the medical insurance department, and deal with medical insurance transfer procedures. Hold regular medical insurance work seminars in this hospital to convey medical insurance information, collect opinions and suggestions, and implement related policies. 

6) Supervise and inspect medical fees. Point out and correct problems in time, if any. Train toll collectors in conjunction with relevant departments to improve management. 

7) Organize reception of inspectors from competent commodity price departments and medical insurance departments. Provide the necessary explanation for the disputed expenses. 

8) Manage employees' participation in and cancellation of social security. Conduct overall medical management of employees' children. 

9) Strengthen the liaison with the medical insurance management agencies of all cities and counties, and manage the social security in the cities and counties that the hospital has signed contracts with. 

10) Complete the mandatory or temporary work assigned by the Director and the Deputy Director in time.