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Name:Finance Department

Office Address :5号楼2楼


Department Info:

Office address: F2, Building 5


Brief introduction:

[Job responsibilities]

(1) Functions: Be fully responsible for hospital financial management and accounting.

(2) Superior: Director and Deputy Director in charge.

(3) Affiliated departments: Registration Office, Admission Office.

(4) Tasks and duties: Be fully responsible for hospital financial management and accounting. Prepare budget scientifically and reasonably with a view to reflecting the actual financial position; organize revenue according to laws and save expenditure; perfect the financial management system and the internal control mechanism; strengthen economic management, implement cost accounting, enhance cost control, implement performance appraisal, improve the efficiency of use of funds; strengthen state-owned assets management, so that they can be allocated and used reasonably, and the rights and interests of which can be safeguarded; strengthen the financial control and supervision over economic activities so as to guard against financial risks.  Affiliated departments: Outpatient fee collection office, being mainly responsible for outpatient/emergency registration, collection of fees, admission, and settlement of the hospitalization, etc.