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Name:Catering section

Office Address :


Department Info:

Office address: F1, Building 5


Brief introduction:

[Job responsibilities]

(1) Functions: Be responsible for management of staff canteen, patient canteen under the leadership of the Director and Deputy Director of the Hospital.

(2) Superior: Director and Deputy Director in charge.

(3) Affiliated departments: Staff canteen, Patient canteen.

(4) Tasks and duties:

1) Improve food procurement, custody, and supply system, and it is strictly forbidden to purchase, process moldy, expired and spoiled food in order to ensure food quality under the strict implementation of the National Food Hygiene Act.

2) Ensure food supply for staff and patients, increase food varieties, trying to make them both visually appealing and flavorous.

3) Responsible for staff's night meal, overtime meal supply and inspection of therapeutic diets.

4) Cook nutritious, medicative food according to the clinical treatment and dietary treatment requirements.

5) Convene nurse-patient informal symposiums on a regular basis or go deep into the ward to listen to patients' advice on food, and make rectification in a timely manner.   Publicize income and expenditure information of canteens on a monthly basis.

6) Adhere to the hygiene system (including five clauses each containing four rules), carry out patriotic health campaign, eliminate four kinds of pests, pay attention to hygiene, and guard against food poisoning.

7) Ensure fire safety, implement the management responsibility system and fire control measures for flammable and explosive articles.

8) Organize physical examination for employees regularly, and apply for health certificates and hygiene permits for them.

9) Adhere to procurement discipline strictly, by resolutely putting an end to unhealthy practices in procurement.

10) Improve work efficiency by strengthening efficiency building, and serve patients, clinical staff and workers wholeheartedly.

11) Complete the mandatory or temporary work assigned by the Director and Superintendent of the Hospital in time.