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Name:Security Section

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Department Info:

Office address: Near Hospital East Gate

Tel.: 0571-81595012

Brief introduction:

[Job responsibilities]

(1) Functions: Be responsible for internal security of the hospital, fire safety, comprehensive management, hospital traffic and external population examination, registration, etc.

(2) Superior: Director and Deputy Director in charge.

(3) Affiliated departments: Fire control, Monitoring center, hospital security team.

(4) Tasks and duties:

1) Complete and improve the safety and security system, according to the spirit of the relevant laws and regulations issued by the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Health and higher-level agencies, and in accordance with the actual hospital situation, formulate the management regulations and various necessary safety rules and regulations for the hospital's public security, fire protection, comprehensive management, etc., and be responsible for the implementation and inspection.

2) Implement the hospital's comprehensive management responsibility system, regularly carry out legal publication and education, to improve the safety awareness of all employees in the hospital, prevent theft, fire, and special accidents, and investigate and handle law and discipline violations.

3) Implement the fire safety responsibility system, and formulate a responsibility system for the safe custody and use of flammable, explosive, and toxic substances. Responsible for the maintenance and repair of fire-fighting facilities and appliances. Maintain good performance of fire-fighting equipment, unblocked fire-fighting channels, organize fire-fighting knowledge training to ensure fire safety. In the event of a fire, be responsible for on-site command, organize personnel evacuation and on-site security work.

4) Maintain working order in the hospital public places, protect the personal safety of medical staff and the hospital property safety. Stop in a timely manner the actions of lawless elements and unreasonable troublemakers who are plotting, provoking, threatening, and intimidating, and assist to defend medical departments and leaders in dealing with unexpected incidents that may occur when resolving medical disputes.

5) Strengthen the safety management responsibility of hospital guards and ward guards, improve the night patrol system, and deal with problems in a timely manner. Investigate and handle cases that have occurred in a timely manner, or report to the public security department to assist in investigating and solving the case.

6) Strengthen the management of traffic roads in the hospital, limit the speed of vehicles, and stop the disorderly parking of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles.

7) Strengthen the management of temporary workers, dormitories and collective household registration. Temporary workers must have three certificates (work permit, ID card, and family planning permit) in order to use; Often check dormitory accommodation and fire prevention facilities, and be responsible for the household registration management of single employees.

8) Be responsible for the safety protection and fire safety education of the construction units in the hospital, establish the corresponding management system, and supervise the implementation.

9) Strengthen the ideological education and management of firefighting, security, and temporary workers, strengthen efficiency construction, and improve work effectiveness and work ability.

10) Complete the mandatory or temporary work assigned by the Director and the Deputy Director in time.