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Name:Retirement Section

Office Address :5号楼1楼


Department Info:

Office address: F1, Building 5


Brief introduction:

[Job responsibilities]

(1) Functions: Under the leadership of the hospital party committee, responsible for the management and service of retired and retirees from the hospital.

(2) Superior: Secretary of the Hospital Party Committee.

(3) Affiliated department: none.

(4) Tasks and duties: Under the leadership of the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission's veteran office and the Hospital Party Committee, it is mainly responsible for the management and service of hospital retirees. Main content: Organize the study of the three retired party branches; comfort retired people in birth, aging and sickness; organize activities for old comrades according to the actual situation of the hospital; give full play to the role of old experts in spreading, helping and leading; hold old comrades forums from time to time to listen to opinions and suggestions. Carry out annual physical examinations for retired people; comfort old comrades in their birth, aging, and sickness; assist the personnel department in handling the aftermath of the deceased comrades.