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Name:Youth League

Office Address :F1, Building 5


Department Info:

Office address: F1, Building 5

Tel.: 0571-81595007

Brief introduction:

[Job responsibilities]

(1) Functions: Under the leadership of the Youth League Committee and the Party Committee of the hospital directly under the Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, implement the constitution of the regiment, fulfill its obligations, organize and lead the youth of the regiment to serve the construction and development of the hospital.

2) Superior: Youth League Committee of Provincial Department of Public Health, Hospital Party Committee.

3) Affiliated departments: Each league branch.

(4) Tasks and duties:

1) Be responsible for arranging various meetings, learning and important activities of the regiment, and carefully keeping records, and perfecting the activities archives of the regiment.

2) In accordance with the requirements of the Youth League Committee and the Party Committee of the hospital directly under the Department of Health, we conscientiously organize the theoretical study of league members, league cadres and young people, and call on the youth of the league members to be positive and to assist their departments to do their job.

3) According to the regulations of the League Constitution, convene the League Member Representative Conference on schedule to properly carry out the general election of the League Committee.

4) Strengthen the connection with the Youth League branch, supervise the implementation of the "Management of Youth League Branch Work Objectives", and inspect the work of the Youth League branch.

5) Assist the Youth League branch in the education and management of members, and properly collect and use league membership dues.

6) Strengthen contact with the hospital party committee and ask for instructions, and recommend excellent league members to the party organization as the target of party building.

7) Organize youth league members to study science, technology, and culture to improve their work skills.

8) Regularly organize cultural, recreational and sports activities suitable for youth characteristics to enrich the amateur life of youth league members. Assist the Trade Union to organize and manage multiple hospital activity associations and youth self-organized groups under its jurisdiction to carry out cultural and entertainment activities.

9) Actively carry out the creation activities of "Youth Model", organize youth volunteer activities, and cooperate with the trade union in the creation of "Outstanding Women Demonstration Post".

10) Complete the mandatory or temporary work assigned by the hospital party committee in time.