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Name:Auditing Section

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Tel.: 0571-81595183

Brief introduction:

[Job responsibilities]

(1) Functions: work under the leadership of the Director in accordance with the principle of "overall audit and stress on key points", and exercise and be responsible for internal audit authority. The business is guided and supervised by the superior audit institutions.

(2) Superior: Director and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection.

(3) Affiliated department: none.

(4) Tasks and duties: Establish and improve the internal audit system and standardize audit procedures;

Audit financial budgets and financial statements of hospitals and affiliated units thereof;

Audit economic responsibility of relevant responsible personnel during their tenures;

Audit economic activities and benefits of state-owned assets management, financial revenues and expenditures, etc. of the hospital and affiliated units;

Audit internal control and risk management of the hospital and affiliated units;

Other audit matters assigned by the superior audit institutions and Director.