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Name:Cardiovascular Medicine Department

Ward Address :Lingyin: Floor 1, Building 2; Sandun: West Part of Floor 6, Ward 5

Outpatient Service Address :Floor 2, Outpatient Building, Zhejiang Hospital

Phone: (0571) 87987373-5069, 5082; 87987534

Department Info:

[Academic Status]

The interventional diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular (biological pacing, ventricular synchronization treatment of chronic heart failure, coronary heart disease / arrhythmia / congenital heart disease intervention treatment) and the secondary prevention of coronary heart diseases from the department are in a leading position in the province.


[Technical Advantages]

1979, introduced the dynamic electrocardiogram in the leading position in the province 

1980, conducted the cardiac ultrasound examination work, and was in a leading position in the province at that time

1995, took the lead in the province in conducting radiofrequency ablation for paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, and successively conducted the radiofrequency ablation of idiopathic ventricular tachycardia, atrial tachycardia, and atrial fibrillation

1998, conducted the interventional treatment of coronary heart disease, and successively conducted the coronary stent surgery, emergency interventional treatment of myocardial infarction, coronary internal rotation grinding surgery, coronary chronic occlusion and other complex lesions, etc.

1999, took the lead in applying cardiac synchronous pacing for treatment of chronic heart failure in China.

2003, took the lead in the province in establishing the Cardiac Pacing Follow-up Center, and currently has performed more than ten thousand various interventional operations.

2008, took the lead in East China in introducing the anatomy of the coronary artery was examined by dual-source CT.

2009, the department was listed into the first group of Arrhythmia Diagnosis and Treatment Training Base by Ministry of Health of The Peoples Republic of China. It is the base for interventional diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease, arrhythmia/pacing and congenital heart disease in Zhejiang Province.

The department is equipped with advanced facilities introduced from home and abroad: PHILIPS digital tablet cardiovascular angiography system, endovascular ultrasound imager (IVUS), optical coherence tomography scanner (OCT), internal coronary blood reserve fraction meter (FFR), internal coronary plaque rotary grinder, multiconductive physiological recorder, 3 D ECG side imaging system (Ensite), magnetic navigation cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment system, etc. The department team has successively edited books like Modern Cardiac Pacing Therapy, etc, and has won the first prize of science and technology book publishing in East China. The department has won more than 20 provincial and ministerial scientific and technology achievements awards, and provincial medical science and technology awards and progress awards. The department has completed more than 50 10th Five-Year-Plan key research projects, key scientific research and social development projects of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and provincial and ministerial scientific research projects. Has published more than 200 articles in SCI journals and core journals in China. Enjoy a very high reputation inside and outside the province.


[Research Orientations]

1.  Optimized reperfusion treatment for acute myocardial infarction, establish a chest pain center, coordinate the pre-hospital emergency system, community / primary hospitals, and shorten the reperfusion time as much as possible, reduce myocardial infarction area and reduce mortality.

2.  Secondary prevention of coronary heart disease, reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, increase the proportion of secondary prevention of medical care in patients with coronary heart disease, and improve the life treatment of patients.

3. Optimizing the internal and surgical treatment strategies for heart disease, center with the patients, reduce trauma and improve efficacy.

4.  Study on the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis.

5.  Synchronization treatment of chronic heart failure therapy, prevention and treatment of sudden cardiac death and device treatment.

6.  Study on the pathogenesis of complex and difficult arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation, ventricular velocity / ventricular fibrillation, etc.) and the effectiveness of interventional therapy.



[Job Descriptions]

It is a key discipline of Zhejiang Hospital, and the Cardiovascular Science Clinical, Teaching and Research Center of Zhejiang Hospital. Currently, there are a number of domestic and provincial well-known cardiovascular disease experts and talent echelons, now there are 3 chief physicians, 4 associate chief physicians, 4 attending doctors and 5 resident doctors, 3 of them are holding Ph.D. and 12 are holding master degrees, and many of the experts have studied in the United States, Germany and other heart centers. The department consists of five parts: ward (including CCU ward), cardiac pacing center, cardiac catheterization room, cardiovascular disease clinical research room, and non-invasive cardiac function examination room. Patient-centered, exquisite technology, quality service for the purpose, and the concept of scientific and technological innovation leading the development is committed to the diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease, arrhythmia / pacing, congenital heart disease and heart failure, hypertension, myocardial disease and other cardiovascular diseases.


Vision of the Department: benevolence and perfection, be the guardian of your heart health attentively.


[Department Staffing]

Tang Lijiang, Chen Jianming, Ling Feng, Tang Yimin, Jin Hongfeng, Wang Lijuan, Wang Yali, Zeng Wenming, Du Changqing, Mao Ping, Zhang Ying, Xu Chenkai, Shen Lishui, Hu Xiaofeng, Wei Wei, Xu Xiaohong, Liu Xiaowei, Lv Fangchao, Zhou Hui, Zhu Kefu, Zhang Dongming, Wu Shaoze, Ye Chen, Guo Yitao

Outpatient Information:

Expert Outpatient Hours:

Chief Physician Tang Lijiang, Monday morning

Chief Physician Chen Jianming, Monday afternoon

Chief Physician Ling Feng, Friday morning

Associate Chief Physician Tang Yimin, Wednesday afternoon


Outpatient Hours for Coronary Heart Disease:

Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Friday afternoon


Outpatient Hours for Arrhythmic Disease:

Monday afternoon, Thursday morning

Subject Experts:

Yan Jing

Chief Physician

Tang Lijiang

Chief Physician

Jin Hongfeng

Chief Physician

Wang Jiangting

Associate Chief Physician

Mao Ping

Associate Chief Physician

Yu Wei

Chief Physician

Ling Feng

Chief Physician

Chen Jianming

Chief Physician

Tang Yimin

Chief Physician

Wang Yali

Associate Chief Physician

Wang Lijuan

Associate Chief Physician

Du Changqing

Chief Physician of the Cardiovascular Medicine Department

Lou Guozhong

Associate Chief Physician



Mao Wei

Chief Physician