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Name:Endocrinology Department

Ward Address :Ward 2, First Floor, Building 8

Outpatient Service Address :Room 11,12, Floor 2,Outpatient Building

Phone:(0571) 81595070, (0571) 87987325

Department Info:

[Brief Introduction to the Department]

The Endocrinology Department of Zhejiang Hospital is established in the 90s of last century, the current director of the department is Wu Tianfeng, and now there are 2 chief physicians, 4 associate chief physicians, 8 attending doctors and 3 resident doctors at the department. Including 3 with Ph.D. and 12 with master degrees. There are 15 nurses, and including 3 nurses for Special Diabetes Outpatient. The department mainly treats metabolic diseases (Diabetes and acute and chronic complications, hypoglycemia, hyperuricemia, gout, obesity, osteoporosis, etc), and endocrine diseases (thyroid diseases, diseases of parathyroid glands, pituitary diseases and adrenal diseases), etc. With the opening of Sandun Hospital, the Endocrinology Department has fully entered the era of the two hospitals, the blood sugar management is informationized, all kinds of endocrine disease specialized outpatient clinics, multidisciplinary outpatient clinics are gradually carried out, providing clinical diagnosis and treatment and excellent services for patients with diabetes and endocrine diseases.

[Department Features]

The Sino-American Diabetes Center is established in 2012, introduced with advanced modern health concepts, management patterns, medical treatment technologies, medical services and nursing procedures for diabetes from America. Establish an information registration system for diabetic patients, conduct a comprehensive assessment of the health status of diabetic patients, provide multi-disciplinary team outpatient service, apply blood glucose homeostasis technology, implement AIDET service process, conduct interactive education, health lecture hall, regular monitoring, long-term follow-up, summary and evaluation, and improve management. The hospital is located in the West Lake scenic area, with a beautiful environment, many doctors from the department have served as health care tasks for leaders at all levels, and have rich experience in treatment and health care experience for pre-diabetes patients and VIPs. Closely cooperate with corresponding departments and have accumulated rich clinical experiences for the elderly diabetic patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic tracheitis and kidney diseases.

[Department Staffing]   

       Wu Tianfeng, Jiang Ying, Huang Hong, Ruan Yuan, Wang Shaoguan, Wang Yisu, Wang Qijun, Chen Xiaopei  

        Shi Lei, Yu Dan, Zhang Jinghong, Meng Shuai, Wang Dan, Li Zheng, Tu Xiaofang, Jin Wenshu



Outpatient Information:

Outpatient Information:

Outpatient Hours for Endocrinology Department:

Lingyin Hospital: the special outpatient is open the whole day from Monday to Saturday;

Sandun Hospital: the special outpatient is open the whole day from Monday to Sunday

Expert Outpatient Hours:

Chief Physician, Wu Tianfeng, Lingyin Hospital, regular expert outpatient: Monday morning; famous doctor outpatient: Tuesday morning; Sandun Hospital, Wednesday morning

Associate Chief Physician, Jiang Ying, Sandun Hospital, the whole day of Monday

Chief Physician, Yu Xiaoyin, Lingyin Hospital, Tuesday morning

Associate Chief Physician, Huang Hong, Lingyin Hospital, Wednesday morning; Sandun Hospital, Thursday morning

Associate Chief Physician, Ruan Yuan, Sandun Hospital, Tuesday morning, Friday morning



Subject Experts:

Wu Tianfeng

Chief Physician

Jiang Ying

Associate Chief Physician

Ma Ye

Associate Chief Physician

Ruan Yuan

Associate Chief Physician

Huang Hong

Associate Chief Physician