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Name:Rehabilitation Medicine Department

Ward Address :

Outpatient Service Address :Lingyin Hospital:Second Floor,Building 9 Sandun Hospital:East Part,Ninth Floor,Ward 10

Phone: (0571)87987373-5371, 5194, 5105

Department Info:

[Academic Status]

The Rehabilitation Medicine Department of Zhejiang Hospital is established by Director Lin Jian, Vice Chairman of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, Leader of Rehabilitation Therapist Group of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association and Vice President of Rehabilitation Doctor Branch of Zhejiang Medical Doctor Association, all the physicians, therapists and nurses in the rehabilitation treatment team with Director Lin Jian as the core have many years of rehabilitation work experiences and advanced rehabilitation treatment concepts, they have undertaken a number of provincial department-level research projects, and have rich experiences in the rehabilitation and treatment of neurological diseases and joint diseases.    

[Technical Advantages]

In addition to the conventional rehabilitation treatment equipment, the Rehabilitation Medicine Department is also equipped iwht hte PK254P balance test and training system, the Israeli-introduced Maituo motion feedback treatment instrument, Zhongkang cognitive training workstation, Galileo vibration training system, MOTOMED intelligent training instrument, air pressure cerebral circulation comprehensive treatment instrument and other advanced rehabilitation treatment instruments, and has carried out the development of joint loosening technology to treat joint stiffness, botulinum toxin injection technology for muscle spasm, weight loss gait training for early walking in hemiplegic and paraplegic patients, computer-assisted aphasia diagnosis and treatment technology for aphasia, computer-assisted advanced brain function training technology for cognitive impairment.

[Research Orientations]

1. Comprehensive rehabilitation treatment of neurological diseases, 2. Rehabilitation from bone and joint disease, 3. Early exercise training and exercise prescription for chronic elderly.

[Job Descriptions]

The Rehabilitation Medicine Department of Zhejiang Hospital takes neurological rehabilitation, bone and joint rehabilitation and geriatric rehabilitation as the main development direction, and is committed to high-quality medical services, discipline development and scientific research innovation, and carries out comprehensive rehabilitation work with advanced rehabilitation treatment concept, standardized rehabilitation treatment process and high-quality rehabilitation treatment services.

Rehabilitation treatment programs conducted

I. Rehabilitation and treatment of neurological diseases

1. Mainly targeting at motor dysfunction due to neurological disorders, such as stroke, craniocerebral trauma, spinal cord injury, peripheral nerve injury, Parkinson's disease, etc.

2. Rehabilitation assessment: Functional assessment, gait analysis and examination, balance function, muscle strength, hand function, speech function, aphasia, swallowing dysfunction, cognitive perceptual function, balance function assessment, etc.

3. Rehabilitation treatment: hemiplegic limb comprehensive training, weight loss standing support training, wheelchair function training, daily life ability training, electric standing bed training, balance function training, limb function training, muscle training, guided education training, speech training, homework treatment, transfer training, swallowing function training, cognitive training, EEG biofeedback treatment, etc.

II. Rehabilitation and treatment of orthopaedic diseases

1. After hip replacement; knee replacement, joint lesions and injury, fracture, after hand trauma, osteoarthropathy, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis.

2. Rehabilitation treatment programs: exercise therapy, exercise therapy, physiotherapy: low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency, microwave, etc.; chronic pain treatment, muscle strength training, walking function training, etc.

III. Rehabilitation and treatment of geriatric diseases

For the lower physical fitness, and various geriatric diseases, to conduct the elderly physical fitness evaluation and individualized exercise prescription; to provide disabled elderly rehabilitation programs and various family modification suggestions, efforts to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

1. Disease groups: the elderly with reduced mobility, the elderly easily falling down, and the incompetent and semi-incompetent elderly.

2. Rehabilitation assessment: physical fitness measurement, 6-minute walk test, mental health assessment, daily life ability assessment, elderly fall risk assessment, etc.

3. Rehabilitation treatment: aerobic exercise, muscle strength training, daily life ability training, cognitive perception dysfunction training, biofeedback treatment, and the corresponding group training and operation treatment for patients with cervical spondylosis and Parkinson's disease.

[Department Staffing]

  Lin Jian, Liu Xiaolin, Huang Weiang, Wang Dandan, Li Jiangru


Subject Experts:

Lin Jian

Chief Physician

Huang Weiang

Associate Chief Physician

Liu Xiaolin

Chief Physician

Zhang Rui

Associate Chief Physician

Li Lin

Associate Chief Physician

Wu Aiping

Associate Chief Physician