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Name:Cardiothoracic Surgery Department

Ward Address :Sandun Area:West Part of Floor 5, Ward 3

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Department Info:

[Academic Status]

Enjoy a certain reputation in the province.

[Technical Advantages]

The department is equipped with thoracoscopy, mediastinoscopy and other advanced equipment, to carry out all kinds of minimally invasive surgery.Under the principle of individualized comprehensive treatment, lung cancer lobectomy, pneumonectomy, broncholobe and / or pulmonary sleeve resection, rhinoplasty, while focusing on systematic mediastinal lymph node dissection. According to the specific situation of esophageal cancer, to carry out single-incision, double-incision and tri-incision surgery of esophageal cancer. Perform modified radical resection of breast cancer, modified radical and curative surgery for breast cancer and breast-conserving surgery and modified radical curative surgery of thyroid cancer. Particularly, reaching advanced level in the province in Lung cancer, esophageal and cardiac cancer, breast cancer surgery and comprehensive treatment.

[Research Orientations]

Surgery and comprehensive treatment of lung cancer and oesophageal cancer

[Job Descriptions]

      There are 3 chief physicians and 1 deputy chief physician in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department of the hospital, with 32 beds and strong technical force.

      It is a member of Zhejiang Province Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center, mainly engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of chest tumors and clinical scientific research work. After many years of clinical experiences accumulated and discipline construction, a professional medical team has been established with noble medical ethics, exquisite medical skills and team-work spirit, its medical technology level is also becoming more and more mature, conducting a number of effective characteristic treatment, and have rich clinical experience in the early diagnosis and treatment of lung, mediastinal, esophagus, cardiac, breast, thyroid and other diseases. Due to the excellent overall diagnosis and treatment ability and humanized service for patients, it has been praised by all parties in the society for many times, and has won many honors for many times.

      The department carries out all kinds of minimally invasive surgery under thoracoscopy and mediastinum lens. In particular, taking the lead in carrying out mediastinal oscopy in the province, it can clarify the pathological stage of lung cancer patients before surgery, provide a basis for the reasonable treatment of lung cancer patients, and avoid unnecessary surgical treatment.


[Department Staffing]

Chen Guoping, Shu Yue, Zhu Xinhai, Chen Xiaofeng, Yuan Feng, Li Chuanhcuan, Xu Yanhui, Xia Lilong, Luo Jing

Outpatient Information:

Chief Physician Chen Guoping: Monday morning

Chief Physician Shu Yue: Wednesday morning

Subject Experts:

Chen Guoping

Chief Physician

Chen Xiaofeng

Associate Chief Physician

Zhu Xinhai

Chief Physician

Mao Weimin

Chief Physician (External Expert)