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Name:Orthopedics Department 2

Ward Address :Ward 15, Second Floor, Building 1

Outpatient Service Address :

Phone: (0571) 87987373-5185, 5055

Department Info:

The Orthopedics Department was independently established in June 1991, and there were 32 beds at that time. The first director Zhao Dazheng employed the pedicle screw system to treat spinal diseases and undertook the surgical reduction treatment of lumbar spondylolisthesis in 1987. The Orthopedics Department was expanded in 2004 and was divided into Orthopedics Department 1 and Orthopedics Department 2. The Orthopedics Department of Zhejiang Hospital began to actively explore the perioperative safety treatment of the elderly patients and the minimally invasive treatment of osteoporotic fracture in the elderly, and has accumulated rich clinical experience in surgical treatment. Currently, there are nearly 80 beds available, with 6 chief physicians and 3 associate chief physicians. There are more than 50 medical staff.

Brief Introduction to the Department: Orthopedics Department 2

Academic Status

The Orthopedics Department 2 of Zhejiang Hospital conducts minimally invasive surgical treatment of osteoporotic thoracolumbar compression fractures in the elderly, integrated treatment of elderly hip and knee replacement and postoperative rehabilitation exercise, and the perioperative management of major elderly bone and joint surgery, cervical spondylosis treatment, foraminal lens, holmium laser, radiofrequency discectomy and other aspects are in the leading position in the province. Director Ren Haoyi is a member of Orthopaedic Branch of Zhejiang Province Medical Association, and Zhejiang Province cadre health care expert; Deputy Director Zhao Zhengxu is a member of Sports Medicine Branch of Zhejiang Province Medical Association and a member of Hand Surgery Branch of Zhejiang Province Medical Association.

[Technical Advantages]

The department features the treatment of elderly fractures and bone diseases. With 3.0 Philips MR, 1.5 latest Siemens MR, Siemens dual-source CT, GE latest gem CT and other advanced examination equipment for bone, muscle, nerve and vascular orthopedic examination, creating favorable conditions for the diagnosis of some complex and difficult orthopedic diseases. The superior conditions of the geriatric research institute laboratory of our hospital provide an important experimental basis for the undergraduate basic research on geriatric bone disease; The strong strength of the intensive care department of the national key specialty provides an important guarantee for the perioperative treatment of major geriatric bone and joint surgery in our department.

The treatment of elderly osteoporotic dilated vertebral kyphoplasty (PKP) for thoraco-lumbar compression fracture was first carried out in our department in 2003, and won the third prize of provincial medical and health innovation. Since the minimally invasive surgery in 2003, our department has carried out more than 1,000 cases, without major complications and no death cases. Most of the patients are very satisfied, and many related papers have been published in national journals. Elderly osteoarthritis, hip and knee replacement, for some elderly patients with a variety of medical diseases, surgical risk and large, many perioperative complications, with a high mortality. Our department, cooperating with the intensive care department of our hospital, has accumulated rich clinical experience in the perioperative preparation of the major elderly bone and joint surgery, and the complications and mortality rate have been greatly reduced. For the elderly patients over 90 years old, bone and joint surgery also accounts for a certain.

At the same time, our department took the lead in carrying out forambroscopy, holmium laser, and radiofrequency discectomy in the province. The technical characteristics: small trauma, fast recovery, low recurrence rate, adapted to people of all age groups, especially elderly patients after open surgery, have special advantages, and the technology is leading in China; with rich clinical experiences in senile cervical spondylosis, elderly lumbar spinal stenosis, and minimally invasive decompression or open decompression internal fixation. At the same time, the department carries out artificial total hip and total knee replacement surgery, shoulder, elbow and radial small head replacement surgery, and achieves good results in the surgical treatment of thoracolumbar tumor and tuberculosis, nerve repair of total peroneal nerve injury, complex limb fracture surgery, minimally invasive surgery of elderly fracture and so on. In addition, to some elderly periarthritis of shoulder, elderly osteoporosis, elderly waist and leg pain treatment, also have some unique treatments. In addition, the undergraduate room still has advanced arthroscopic equipment, for knee osteoarthritis, gouty arthritis, knee pain examination, treatment.In particular, joint cleaning, meniscus forming and repair, cruciate ligament reconstruction are also characteristic treatment projects of the department.

[Research Orientations] 

Elderly orthopedic diseases, osteoporosis, spine surgery, joint surgery, bone trauma

[Job Descriptions]

Currently, there are 8 physicians at the Department, including 3 with senior titles, and 5 with degrees above master level. Our duty is to serve the patients wholeheartedly with our superb medical skills, and to relieve their pain is our main task, not for medical gain, not to engage in unhealthy practices. The department features the treatment of orthopedic diseases in the elderly, taking the lead in foraminal microscopy, holmium laser discectomy, taking the lead in the Province in elderly osteoporotic thoracolumbar compression fracture percutaneous expansion vertebral kyphoplasty surgery, the elderly hip, knee replacement, elderly complex thoracic and knee spinal stenosis surgical treatment and joint correction, cervical spondylosis, thoracolumbar fracture, fracture of limb fracture, peripheral nerve injury, reached the advanced level in the province. Carrying out double-placement of talents under guidance from the Department of Health, guiding the orthopedic treatment in lower-level hospitals, conduct regular community free diagnosis, and having an excellent medical care team, and have a unique feature in the rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery.

[Department Staffing]

Hao Yi, Zhao Zhengxu, Duanmu Qunli, Lin Hang, He Jian, He Jun, Xu Yuan, Tong Yongjun


Special Treatment Items of the Department:

1. Treatment of elderly hip and knee osteoarthritis, artificial hip and knee replacement. 
2. The diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of complex neck, waist and leg pain, neck, waist back and back surgery.
3. The treatment of osteoporotic fractures in the elderly, especially the minimally invasive surgical treatment of thoracolumbar compression fractures, and vertebral kyphoplasty; Surgical treatment of various complex osteoporotic fractures, such as femoral intertrochanteric comminuted fractures, distal radius comminuted fractures, and pelvic fractures.
4. Minimally invasive surgical treatment of lumbar disc herniation, minimally invasive surgical treatment of holmium laser and foraminal lens.
5. Surgical treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis in the old age.

6. Surgical treatment of elderly spinal tumors and tuberculosis.

Subject Experts:

Zhao Zheng Xu

Chief Physician

Lin Hang

Associate Chief Physician